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Why Your Law Firm Needs A Digital Marketing Agency

Every lawyer who owns a law firm knows that running it is a full-time job; it’s time-consuming and requires your full devoted attention. Nine to six? Nope, more like 24 hours a day.


The fact is you can only do so much because you’re neither a juggler nor Houdini; you only have two hands and can’t be in two places performing different tasks at the same time.


Just like hiring a receptionist to answer and filter all your incoming calls, or a paralegal to assist you with your cases, you need to hire a law firm marketing agency to generate leads


Not just any marketing agency, though, you need a digital marketing agency that specializes in the latest lawyer SEO strategies and helps you stay relevant and ahead of your local competition.


In most industries, marketing is very straightforward. Choose your mediums, be honest with your audience, and see what happens next. In the legal industry, things are a lot more complicated. There’s much more at stake when clients choose law firms. Today’s client is much more sophisticated than he was 20 years ago. Instead of picking up the yellow pages to find an attorney, people are using the resources they have available to make educated decisions. In most cases, this means a search engine like Google or requesting a recommendation on a social media platform.


Experienced law firm marketing professionals have a working knowledge of strategic and tactical components of marketing campaigns.  Agencies that specialize in a market niche can allocate specific activities and planning across a team thus driving a strategic and results-driven approach to reaching your firm’s revenue goals. 


For one, they’re digital experts and know all the latest lawyer SEO trends, and to better tailor, your strategy can provide an overview of your competitive landscape and target audience for the area of law you practice. Second, digital means measurable results in the form of trackable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that let you know how well your campaign is doing, where your problem areas are, and where there's room for improvement.


When you hire a digital law firm marketing agency, you get much more than an in house marketer, you get a team. 


LawyerLeadMachine's team includes a project manager with a proven track record of business growth and operations to lead a campaign, a group of U.S. based writers, social media experts, web developers, lawyer SEO experts, and a creative director. Our team that specializes in law firm marketing and through the repetition of successful campaigns, we've adapted and acquired experience with new lawyer SEO trends, lawyer lead generation,  and law firm marketing innovations faster and more efficiently than any other agency.


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We Deliver Results

We don't just increase traffic to your website, we concentrate on conversions which is the quintessential metric of measuring real results and ROI. Our goal is to get your law firm's profile to the top position of major search engines and keep you there.  

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Customer Support

Our programs include regular meetings with you or your team to keep you informed on your law firm's marketing process. We execute monthly and quarterly plans. This includes marketing guidance and establishing benchmarks in a set schedule.

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Our team will become your own in-house marketing department dedicated to raising your profile online using the latest lawyer SEO trends so you can concentrate on what matters most, your clients.

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Short & Long Term Strategies

We use organic, ethical, white-hat lawyer SEO techniques for ranking your website in the long-run while implementing effective PCC, and SMM to drive immediate measurable results from day one.


We Help Educate And Empower Your Local Audience.

Bombarding your potential clients with annoying ads is a waste of time and resources. We use research and data gathered in the last 15 years in client behavior and law firm marketing to engage your audience with useful information by making sure the right ads are displayed at the right time.


In doing so, we take an inbound marketing approach and we educate your clients about your legal services so they become qualified leads along their journey.  


Our team will employ a combination of lawyer SEO techniques to encourage audience engagement, brand recall which generates demand for more information about your law firm. 

How We Implement An Inbound
Law Firm Marketing Campaign
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Identify Your Audience

We have to know who our marketing efforts are aimed at in your LOCAL MARKET to implement the right marketing strategy.

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Set Benchmarks & Goals

The key here is to get your audience to covert by filling out an intake form where you can further screen potential clients.  

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Keywords & Search Optimization

We avoid common practices used by many agencies like "keyword stuffing" or "over optimizing". They are not only penalized by Google but can also affect your online reputation.

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Tracking URLS

We use this data to find out what worked and what didn't so we can make any adjustments as necessary. 

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Calls To Action and Landing Pages

Effective landing pages are an important step for converting visitors into clients.  

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Promotional Channels and Lead Nurturing.

Converting a client isn't the end of the process, follow up is the key. 

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The inbound law firm marketing strategy is different from traditional marketing and advertising (outbound marketing) because inbound is not about disrupting somebody’s attention to get them to listen to what you have to offer.


Instead of deploying a barrage of TV and radio commercials, direct mail, or print ads, our marketing experts use lawyer SEO techniques and the power and convenience of the internet to deliver the type of information your potential customers are already searching for at the very time they need it.


According to the online marketing website Demand Gen Report, it is estimated that half of all buyers view up to five pieces of content before engaging with a business.


Additionally, inbound marketing Ai can help law firms gather a history of how each lead interacts with your website or online properties, such as social media and email marketing allowing us to tweak your campaign for efficiency at all times. The four steps involved in this marketing approach are: attract, convert, close, delight. READ MORE >>

Inbound Law Firm Marketing Methodology
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