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Law Firm Social Media Marketing Tips in 2022

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Law Firm Marketing Strategies For Social Media Lead Generation

Social media platforms are used by billions of people all over the world. The internet and social media availability has allowed for news and all kinds of information to get around millions of people in mere seconds of posting content.

This makes social media a viable law firm marketing tool and can help you boost visibility, traffic, trust, and lead generation. The most viable social media platforms, content, and user bases vary. These sites can change their algorithm, a cultural shift can change user behavior, and trends can affect law firm content marketing strategies.

So, here are some crucial law firm social media tips that'll help you wade through trends and challenges:

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1. You Need To Stand Out

People have started to discover the law firm marketing potential of social media. Unfortunately, this means there will be several other law firms on the sites already, so you need to work extra hard to stand out.

The best way to distinguish yourself would be to develop a recognizable and memorable brand. You should figure out your logos, color schemes, brand voice and tone, content style, and so on. You want your posts (and law firm's name) to be recognizable to the audience.

Having a consistent brand makes it easier to remember your law firm. If people remember you, your law firm will be one the first to pop into their minds should they need a lawyer or need to recommend one to friends and family.

2. Images Do Better

Images do better on social media than text content. This is because people who scroll through social media don't always have the time or energy to pause and read a long caption or post. Images are easy to understand, and people won't need that much time to consume them.

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Not to mention, images can catch people's attention quickly. So, some content creators will attach interesting images to long Facebook posts. In this example, they're essentially attracting interest through the photo, so people will be interested enough to read whatever the caption or the text on the post is.

3. Video Content Is In

With the rise of YouTube and (more recently) TikTok, people are now preferring videos. Specifically, short video content. They're engaging, fast, and easy to digest, so people often scroll through them.

Not to mention, video content is all the rage right now. Again, with the rise of TikTok, it has become the preferred content. It's so that even YouTube developed Shorts to break into this market.

Additionally, shorter videos mean they're much easier to create. You can upload multiple videos at once, boosting the chances that someone will find your content.

Of course, you must ensure you're still delivering high-quality content. You can pack trivia and essential information into mere seconds of video content. If you want some references, you should look at the professionals making content on TikTok: doctors, nurses, carpenters, artists, and, of course, lawyers. They deliver high-quality content that's both informative and engaging, allowing them to build an audience.

4. Don't Be Afraid To Be More Relaxed

Social media is a more relaxed space (except LinkedIn, I suppose). That's why you often see people, even professionals, make a joke here and there. But then, they join in on the new meme and use looser language to make their content more digestible. This could be a great way to make legal concepts much easier to grasp for law firms.

So, try being laxer in your brand voice, tone, delivery, and content if you can. But, of course, you can always reserve the more serious stuff for your blogs, articles, and legal newsletters.

Keep Adapting To Law Firm Marketing Trends

New trends will come about as time goes on. However, right now, these trends are doing well in social media marketing spaces. Therefore, you can best keep up with possible changes, such as algorithm changes, trends, and new platforms.

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