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Amazon Alexa Rankings For Lawyers

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

Learn how to improve your Alexa Lawyer SEO Rankings using these strategies

The Alexa Rank is a measure of your site traffic compared to all other websites on the internet. You can use this ranking for audits and market research, among other benefits.

Here's a brief introduction to Alexa Ranking, how it's important to your law firm, and how you can increase your SEO ranking.

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What Is The Alexa Ranking?

Alexa is an Amazon subsidiary. This site offers various paid services, including SEO and webmaster analysis. However, one of Alexa's free services is to publish site rankings visible to the general public. Because of this all-encompassing characteristic, the Alexa ranking has become a standard for calculating SEO rankings.

Calculating Alexa Rank

Alexa's ranking assessment is simple: Alexa calculates all websites' daily average number of visitors and page views in the last three months.

The ranking factors are as follows:

  • The number of unique IPs visiting a site

  • Visitors who use the Alexa Toolbar

  • Whether or not your site is registered on Alexa

Remember: this is a relative statistic. So it's dependent not only on your own website's traffic, but also on other websites.
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What's A Good Alexa Rank?

A "good" rank is relative. After all, there are millions of pages on the internet, so the numerical rankings can get a bit confusing.

However, you can start by looking at your competitors' Alexa rankings. Then, pick out the top 10 websites in your niche and compare them to your rankings—this clues you in on what you should aim for and where you currently stand.

Remember: Your Alexa ranking isn't the most significant element in your Lawyer SEO. You can have a website that is middling in ranks and still get good traffic and conversion rates.

Rankings are ultimately relative to your niche and industry.

How To Increase Your Alexa Ranking

Here are some ideas on how you can boost your rankings:

In addition to the optimizations and other SEO marketing for lawyers, you should also register and actively use Alexa-related tools and services to boost your rankings.

What Are The Benefits Of Alexa Rankings For Law Firms?

1. Know Where You Stand

It's crucial to know how well your website or legal blog is performing. In addition, you may use this data to understand your marketing strategy better—what works, what doesn't, and what needs changing.

Remember: Regularly checking on your Alexa rank is also an excellent way to keep track of your website's growth over time.

2. Observe Your Competition

Alexa rankings might also assist you in gaining a better understanding of your competitors. For example, you may compare your Alexa rank to your most important competitors and analyze your statistics.

Remember: Staking out the competition informs you of the best strategies to take. What are they doing that you're not? What are the things they're doing better than you?

You can take inspiration from the things your competitors are doing right and implement them into your own Lawyer SEO strategy.

3. Analyze Specific Group Data

The Alexa ranking differentiates websites into three categories:

  • Country - rankings sorted by location.

  • Category - rankings by industry.

  • Global - general global search rankings.

You can view your website's ranking within a specific country or industry, and compare them to close competitors. These categories are beneficial for law firms who want to reach a particular audience demographic.

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4. Checking Backlink Qualities And Opportunities

If you're looking to do some off-page SEO—like feature, mention, guest post, or directory listing—you might want to know if a website you want to get backlinks from is serving your Law Firm SEO goals.

Remember: Your Domain Authority and search engine rankings can be influenced by backlinks pointing back to you. Backlinks can also get you some traffic from other sites' audiences.

So if you have specific off-page SEO goals (i.e., via guest blogging and interviews), you can research the sites you want to work with. If you need to drive more traffic to your domain, you can find sites that place high (or at least higher than you) by looking at their Alexa rank.

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Lawyer SEO requires dedicated and regular optimization tactics that result in a boost in traffic and conversions. In addition, regular audits, analyzing competition, and content refreshes can help increase your Alexa rankings.

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