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What Does It Take To Be A Legal Marketing Writer?

The Qualities Of An Effective Legal Content Writer

Whether you're determined to implement Lawyer SEO on your own or hire a Legal Marketing Agency to do it, knowing what it takes to write high-quality legal content is crucial in understanding the importance of Law Firm Marketing.

So, what does a content writer do? What makes them different from an average blogger or article writer? Here are the most important traits and skills an SEO content writer needs to hone:

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1. A Clear And Concise Writing Style

The best kind of digital marketing content is the one that appeals to as many people in your target audience as possible. The more people the content appeals to, the better it will be at generating leads.

Clear and concise writing often features the following:

  • Accessible language. This means no uber niche terms and legalese, making it easy for laypeople to understand. In addition, legal content doesn't have to require a law degree to understand.

  • Straightforward. Content shouldn't be rambling and overly complicated. Avoid large walls of text, use white space wisely, and use bullet points and lists. More importantly, readers shouldn't have to read and scroll around too far to get what they need.

Legal content writers don't prioritize creative prose or high-brow legal language. Instead, they should prioritize getting the information to the reader as clearly and as quickly as possible.

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2. Wise And Strategic Use Of Keywords

Legal content writers aren't just good at communicating information; they should also be good at general SEO practices. A crucial Lawyer SEO practice is implementing keywords to create optimized content that ranks high in the SERPs.

A great SEO content writer should know how to avoid keyword stuffing, cannibalization, and the use of irrelevant keywords and anchor texts. Although content writers often work with SEO experts, you can't be an effective SEO marketing writer if you don't know the basic rules of keyword implementation and page optimizations.

Hence, if you're planning to create your law firm marketing content yourself, you need to start learning about the ins and outs of Lawyer SEO. Fortunately, there are a lot of Lawyer SEO guides, tutorials, and tips that you can read for free.

3. Optimized Formatting And Organization

Aside from the actual content of your blogs, you also need to pay attention to how the content is laid out and read. Again, large walls of text, weird fonts, unreadably small text size, and bad color schemes can make content hard to read. When content is hard to read and understand, people might just click out and find the information they need elsewhere.

Here are some tips to help you create a better web copy:

  • Use bullet points and numbered lists. Lists allow easier access to enumerated content (just like this one!).

  • Use images to break up walls of text. Images are great for visual representations of your points, too!

  • Use spaces to break up long paragraphs. Keep your paragraphs down to 3-4 sentences. Don't be afraid to leave single sentences on their own for emphasis!

  • Use headings to section your content. Because they're also HTML, headings are also great for audiences using screen readers, as they can be used to navigate blog posts and articles.

Essentially, you need to pay attention to user experience. The easier it is to read, navigate, and scroll through your blog posts and articles, the more likely people will stick around and absorb its content.


Legal content writers are not only great writers; they're also Lawyer SEO practitioners. In SEO, high-quality content is not only full of relevant information and free of spelling and grammar errors; it also has to be optimized to rank well in the SERPs.

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