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Benefits Of Guest Posting For Lawyer SEO

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

How Guest Blogging For Law Firms Boosts Your Off-Page SEO

If you've been employing Law Firm SEO in your marketing strategy, you might already have a well-optimized website. You've done all the On-Page SEO basics: good UX, high-quality content, keywords, HTML optimizations, great images, and so on. However, Lawyer SEO is more than just the optimizations on your website. So here's your first step to Off-Page SEO: Guest Posts.

In short, guest blogging for lawyers is a great way to build backlinks, build networks, and improve your Lawyer SEO.

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Legal Guest Posting or "Guest Blogging" is getting your article or blog published on another website. Since you're giving these websites high-quality content and contributing to their on-page SEO, it is common practice to provide the guest author something in return.

Guest authors can get backlinks, either on an author's bio or a link within the body of the text. These links can help your Off-Page SEO, and boost your Lawyer SEO effort overall. If your posts get accepted on a website with good traffic and authority, even better.

That said, below is a list of why you should start guest blogging for lawyers:

1. Building Your Backlinks

Backlinks are an essential part of Lawyer SEO. They serve as a signal to search engines that the information containing the link is valuable. The higher the referring site's domain authority, the better. High-quality links can improve your search engine rating, which every digital marketing strategy aims for.

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Remember: Backlinks are a ranking factor. The more authoritative sites point back to your domain, the higher your perceived authority and credibility. After all, high-ranking sites won't want to link to spam and low-quality content, so it works like a signal to search engines that your website is a high-quality one.

2. Expanding Exposure and Reach

Guest blogging for law firms can help reach a much wider audience. This is especially important for smaller law firms and everyone just starting out with Lawyer SEO.

Remember: There are a few ranking factors that newer websites might still have to work for to get. That's why high-quality content on your page alone isn't enough to get your pages to rank high compared to more established competitors. Legal guest blogging is a step up in Lawyer SEO.

If you get a guest post published on a more authoritative site, readers and search engines alike will be more motivated to click on your links and consider them credible. Sure, you have high-quality content that's consistent and helpful on your site, but newer websites and smaller firms might need a little more push to get more traffic.

3. Boosting Site Traffic

Any website's referral traffic is crucial. This is because you can't always expect people to find you through a keyword search or by directly entering your URL.

This is why you're advised to do Off-Page SEO. You make social media posts, get on Google My Business Listings, get reviews, and post content on other platforms.

Remember: It goes without saying that you need great On-Page SEO as well. If people click on your links from websites they trust, they're expecting fast loading speeds, good site design, great content, and a well-organized site structure.

Additionally, some legal guest posting sites will look at your website and online credentials, so make sure you have something to show when you're submitting your manuscripts.

4. Building Partnerships

In some cases, getting a blog post published can be an opportunity for you to become a regular competitor on the host site. After all, they've seen what you can do and how well you can write, so it might be easier on your second submission.

That said, just because you got accepted once doesn't mean you can skimp on the quality of your next submission. Take the first approval as a sign that you have what they're looking for, and it is within your capacity to write content they like.

Remember: Guest blogging for law firms is a way for these sites to get great content and traffic, too. So if you're one of the people who can give them the high-quality content they need for their SEO, then you might be able to submit multiple manuscripts for them.

That said, make sure you plan out your legal guest blogging strategy to make sure you come out with great content that gets through strict editors.

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5. Establishing Industry Authority

Much like the content you post on your legal blog, your guest posts are a way to show off your skills and experiences. Write valuable content that people will find helpful, and they will start associating that good content with your law firm.

Additionally, if you're posting on a high-authority site, people are already more motivated to listen to what you have to say. After all, a site they trust thinks you have something valuable to share, so it helps your digital marketing strategy in that way as well.

Why Let LawyerLeadMachine Help Your Law Firm Marketing?

Lawyer SEO comes hand in hand with link building. Getting backlinks is a good off-page SEO strategy that will expose you to bigger audiences, show your credibility, and boost your overall domain authority. Hence, why you should consider legal guest blogging a next step to your journey to the top of the SERPs.

To get started on your strategy, you can review options here.


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