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Best Lawyer Marketing Strategies For Small Law Firms

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

4 Easy Law Firm Marketing Strategies To Help Small Law Firms

The legal industry is highly competitive. For smaller firms, it seems like it would be hard to go up against older, more established law firms in their area. However, digital marketing is one of the least expensive ways for law firms to market their practice. If done right, you might be able to boost your clientele simply by implementing basic online strategies you can do on your own—and from your home computer.

So, here's how each law firm marketing strategy can boost your law firm business plan.

law firm marketing

That said, let's consider the most popular (and most accessible) types of marketing strategies that small law firms can use:

1. Creating A Law Firm Website

These days, websites are the equivalent of a law firm's calling card. Think of it as a brochure for your firm, where you can tell people who you are, what you do, and what your qualifications are. Because search engines can detect this information, it's good to post it somewhere where others can see it.

Because the internet is used by millions of people, having an online presence is a terrific method to get the word out about your company. It's also possible that someone will "Google" your firm or legal practice to learn more about it. So, make sure creating your website is a priority in your law firm business plan.

Here are some suggestions on things to include on your legal firm's website:

  • Your law firm's history (i.e., formation, causes, previous work)

  • Contact information (i.e., office hours, contact number, office address, and email addresses)

  • List of lawyers and brief introductory bios

  • Areas of law in which your lawyers are the most experienced in

  • Achievements, awards, and official recognitions

  • Social proof (i.e., photos of you and your coworkers, reviews, testimonials, etc.)

You can also include online features into your website, depending on your budget. For example, you can add 24/7 chatbots, landing pages, widgets, and other interactive or helpful pages to keep site visitors on your website.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Lawyer SEO is an excellent place to start when it comes to lawyer marketing. It only needs a website and a little understanding of SEO to get you started.

Among the different types of marketing strategies, SEO is perhaps the most popular and most utilized. Not only because it's accessible, but because it has more long-term benefits—making it one of the most sustainable digital law firm marketing strategies out there.

lawyer seo

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a series of strategies that implements optimizations, so your law firm website ranks high in search results. The primary goal is to compete for keywords in search engines. As a result, the higher you rank in the search results, the more people will notice your page and click on links to it.

While SEO has many law firm marketing benefits, it is one of the most straightforward ways to raise brand awareness for your law practice. Users who search for specific keywords are at the very least interested in them, so you know your law firm can help them in some way.

Remember: That's just the basic ROI for Lawyer SEO. You can do so much more, like conversions and lead generation, which are achievable the more you upgrade your SEO strategies.

3. Legal Blogging

You can compete for rankings in the search results by producing content (such as blog posts and articles) in tandem with Lawyer SEO. The longer people stay on your law firm website and read, the higher your page rank rises in the algorithm.

This law firm marketing strategy is called content marketing, where you produce high-quality content that users will find value in. Instead of being overly promotional, you provide legal information like guides, tutorials, and FAQs, associating your law firm name with credible content. Additionally, helpful content gets around the internet better because users have more reason to share it with people they know.

Starting a legal blog is a simple way to get started with content marketing. It's straightforward to use, the settings are simple to understand, and most domains make it simple to add photographs, links, and videos.

Here are some pointers for keeping your legal blog on track:

  • Write and create valuable, high-quality, and well-researched information

  • Make a timetable for writing, editing, and uploading to help you stay organized

  • Post consistently for better results

  • Duplicate content should be avoided at all costs (This is a bad SEO strategy in general)

  • Promote your new content on social media and other platforms

  • Basic Law Firm SEO practices, such as keywords and backlinks, should be implemented.

Many law firm websites already feature a blog, and that's a testament to the benefits it can bring to your law firm website. That said, you shouldn't be going around posting as many blogs as possible if it isn't high-quality. Search engines often penalize poor grammar, bad spelling, unhelpful content, irrelevant information, and plagiarized posts.

Remember: So prioritize quality over quantity—if it takes you longer to come up with content, don't force yourself to create new posts every day.

4. Social Media

The use of social media to strengthen your law firm marketing strategy is another low-cost option. You may easily, quickly, and for free create accounts for your law firm. Then, if you can attract enough followers, you can promote your blog posts, start social media campaigns, and post new content on social media.

lawyer marketing

Remember: Social media accounts are used by millions of people, and the sheer magnitude of that user base can make advertising and marketing worthwhile. You have a better chance of attracting someone's attention if you market to a larger group of people.

Expanding your internet presence, on the whole, is beneficial to Lawyer SEO. As said, your law firm website is your calling card. So if you can send traffic to your site, the more chances you have of people noticing your content or considering your law firm for their legal concerns.

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