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5 Ways To Build Online Reputation For Your Law Firm

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

How To Implement Reputation Management For Your Law Firm

Reputation is essential for law firms. It's what gets prospects to trust you and past clients to recommend you to people they know. The same principle applies to Lawyer Marketing—your online brand reputation dictates how many people set up appointments through your website.

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Most businesses employing digital marketing strategies struggle to establish a robust online presence that they often overlook reputation management. While having a solid online presence is beneficial to any law firm, poor reputation management will cause you to lose past and prospective clients.

Managing your law firm's online reputation is a component of your branding and marketing plan, including Lawyer SEO and content marketing.

1. Create High-Quality Content

If you've read up on content marketing before, you'll know that many brands and companies produce free and educational content to attract new clients. So instead of directly advertising your law firm in hopes of catching people's attention, you create content for those already looking for them.

Legal guides, tutorials, listicles, and FAQs are optimized for high-volume keywords. So when a user types in "Personal Injury Lawyer Near Me" on Google, they would be able to find your blog post. When adequately incorporated with Lawyer SEO strategies, content marketing is a great way to get your law firm's name out there.

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Remember: You are more likely to lose credibility if your material is weak. To catch your prospective client's attention, provide material that is interesting, instructive, and action-oriented.

Furthermore, you may engage with clients, identify what they anticipate from you, and generate content that solves their problems based on their comments. Finally, site visitors will regard you as an authority and have faith in your products and services if you write high-quality blogs.

That said, content creation might be a lot for law firms. After all, it entails a lot of time and effort to fully implement. That said, if you plan and schedule your tactics right, you'll be able to reap great ROI from doing so. If you really can't manage it on your own, you can always hire a Lawyer SEO marketing or an online reputation management agency to help you.

2. Make Your Website Look More Professional

Let's face it: seeing an outdated, glitchy, and hard-to-read site design turns people off. So make sure to improve your site's user experience (UX) and avoid using too many links that make your pages look like spam.

On that note, don't put too many ads. Online users despise social media ads, online banner ads, phone advertisements, and online pop-ups.

As said, they can sometimes make websites look spammy. In addition, although you see ads as a way to boost income, you may be scaring away potential clients and damaging your reputation.

Every online reputation management specialist would tell you that the look and feel of your website can contribute a lot to how people perceive you. A reputation management firm knows that even if you have great content, a shady-looking website is going to drive potential leads away.

3. Associate With Other Reputable Websites

People don't trust spammy content farms and suspicious websites. Interacting or associating your law firm with websites and platforms like this can ruin your reputation.

So if you want to show up on other platforms as a way to boost your online presence, make sure they're trustworthy. For example, don't submit guest posts for sites that have high spam ratings and low authority. Likewise, don't promote links to suspicious pages and posts.

Remember: Building an online presence is one thing. Making sure your overall online reputation and associations is another.

Again, doing this might take a lot of time, but the ROI is worth it. If your law firm is too busy to do implement a proper link building strategy, consider hiring a lawyer marketing agency that provides reputation management services. An online reputation management specialist

4. Ask Clients To Write Reviews

Online reviews are a form of social proof. They are a reflection of past clients' experience with you and your law firm's services. The more reviews your law firm has, the more credible you appear online.

It should be said: no one wants unfavorable reviews. However, it is sometimes unavoidable. Sometimes, you do what you thought was your best, and a client can still be unsatisfied with it, either because of preference or a misunderstanding.

However, if you have very few reviews, the negative ones will stand out. If you keep doing your job well like you always do, good reviews will come. So encourage clients to write one.

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5. Respond To Reviews

Speaking of negative reviews, sometimes clients' opinions will change after you follow them up and ask them how you can remedy the situation. If someone leaves a scathing review, you can respond by asking them to send you an email and settle things in private.

Remember: Some clients do change their ratings after having resolved their issues. Most of the time, they're going to be impressed that you've put some effort into making sure they're satisfied with your services.

Don't answer criticism in a rush; instead, take your time to think of a response and avoid being upset.

Consult SEO Experts At LawyerLeadMachine

Lawyer SEO helps build social proof, reputation, and local brand awareness. In addition, law firms can benefit from getting their name out there through marketing and content creation.

However, there's more to SEO than generating reviews for your law firm. LLM can help you law firm with reputation management in Dallas Texas and across the US. To get you started, review your options here.


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