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DIY Local SEO For Law Firms In New York

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

How NYC Lawyers Could Optimize Their Law Firm Listing for Local Search

Local SEO for lawyers can bring excellent ROI. While it's great to rank for very competitive head keywords, there is more value to being more visible in the local SERPs. After all, most of your clients will come from or are based in New York, considering the restrictions of law licenses, state law, local policies, and proximity.

Fortunately, local SEO can be an affordable law firm marketing strategy. You can also implement it by incorporating it into existing Lawyer SEO and content marketing strategies.

Here are a few DIY Local SEO Strategies to help you effectively implement search engine optimizations for your law firm in New York.

Local SEO for Lawyers NYC

1. Start Optimizing For Local Keywords

It's worth noting that while ranking for global keywords, you're up against every other website that uses global keywords. When it comes to local examples, you'll only be up against law firms and similar websites optimizing for these particular search terms.

As a result, not only will local keywords be much easier to rank for, but you'll also have a better chance of attracting new potential clients. After all, your services aren't constantly required by someone across the nation. As a result, focusing on people in your immediate area is the greatest option.

2. Create Local-Themed Content

While you're implementing local keywords, make sure to apply the same principle to your law firm website's content. As per the rule of SEO for lawyers, the more content you create (especially blog posts), the more chances you'll have of ranking.

Remember: Law firm content marketing attracts new leads and builds trust by providing valuable content to users.

So, don't just optimize your main landing pages. Make sure you're creating legal guides, listicles, legal tips, and other forms of content that target local clients. For example, you can try writing about New York car accident claims using local statistics, policies, and practices.

lawyer seo services

3. Manage Your Google My Business Account

A standard practice in local SEO is maintaining an account from Google My Business for law firms. Doing so takes advantage of Google's capabilities, which place business listings at the top of the SERPs when users search for businesses and firms.

For example, if someone searches "new york legal firms," business listings will appear, allowing the searcher access to information and evaluations about the law firms. Furthermore, Google's algorithm has progressed to the point where if someone searches for "law firms" or "law firms near me," Google will use their location to provide a list of law firms in the area. This is also a function utilized by Google-powered mobile assistants (e.g., Google Assistant).

If you don't already have a GMB account, you should do so immediately!

4. Get Local Backlinks

If you know how to develop and manage backlinks, you'll know that gaining backlinks from high-authority sites will enhance your traffic and Lawyer SEO. Local backlinks are the same—you want to gain backlinks for websites that are optimized for local searches so that you may rank higher in the local SERPs.

Backlinks can be obtained from local news sites, travel blogs, law blogs, and various other sources. A solid source of backlinks to help your local SEO is a website that ranks well in local SERPs and uses particular local keywords.

Not to mention, backlink building is a crucial step in Local SEO for attorneys. Make sure you're building a strong backlink profile with a good mix of global and local backlinks, all high quality, of course.

local seo for lawyers

Try Google My Business Service For New York Law Firms

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If you own or manage a law firm in New York, LawyerLeadMachine can help you build the best local SEO strategies to dominate search. Review your options here.

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