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How To Build An Effective Internal Linking Strategy For Your Law Firm

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Actionable Lawyer SEO Tips For You Internal Linking Strategy

Internal linking sounds simple. You just need to link a few pages to other pages, right? Not quite. Optimizing your internal links is an essential aspect of Lawyer SEO. It's how crawlers get to all of your pages, how visitors locate and navigate your site, and how search engines rank your site.

Internal linking is a powerful Lawyer SEO strategy when done correctly, especially for those that use content marketing, social media marketing, and other familiar digital marketing tactics.

Here are some internal linking tips to help you boost your California law firm's Lawyer SEO:

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1. Start With A Lot Of Content

Before you even start linking, you need pages and content to start with. You'd need a lot of internal pages to link to if you want a website with a lot of helpful, relevant internal links.

In other words, the first step toward a successful internal linking strategy is to ensure that you have a solid content marketing strategy, complete with frequent blog posts, articles, and press releases.

No matter how time-consuming the approach looks, you can't have an internal linking strategy without content. When you create helpful information, it becomes linkable, allowing you to expand your website's navigation network with each link you add.

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2. Make Your Anchor Text More Effective

Because internal linking is best matched with your content marketing approach, it makes sense to use the anchor text to move visitors from one page to another rather than relying on them to click images or graphics.

Remember: Image links are alright as long as the alt text is used correctly, but anchor text effectively improves keyword results and ensures that your audience uses internal links to find the content they want and value.

3. Deep Linking

The more your internal linking strategy is integrated into your website, the better. Links to other portions of your website, such as blogs, item pages, and articles, should be spread out.

Your navigation menu is likely to have multiple links to the pages you want people to see. This is why the best links in your content are those that take your readers deep into the structure of your site.

4. Make It Natural

It's easy to get caught up in the Lawyer's SEO focus when building an internal linking strategy. It's also important to note that the best internal linking strategy prioritizes the requirement to add value and information.

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Internal linking provides several benefits, one of which is that it can increase your clients' (or potential clients') contact and engagement with your website. After all, if a potential client discovers anything intriguing in the paragraphs of an existing blog and sees a link to more information, they're more likely to click the link and spend more time on your website.

5. Don't Go Overboard

As helpful as internal links are, you don't need hundreds of them in your content. Internal linking is tricky, and the number of links you spread throughout your pages and websites will be determined primarily by how much content you have to add to any given issue.

Make sure your audience isn't enticed to leave a page every few sentences, as this will break the flow.

Optimize your internal linking strategy with LawyerLeadMachine!

For people who aren't familiar with on-site website SEO, developing internal links might be a difficult undertaking. The digital marketing experts for law firms at the best lawyer marketing agency in California have a solution for you.

LawyerLeadMachine is here to help you implement various Lawyer SEO strategies to help law firms around New York, California, Texas, New Jersey and other states become more visible and have the capacity to compete in a digital marketing world. Contact us for more information today or review your options here.

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