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8 Google Images Ranking Factors

Updated: May 8, 2022

Lawyer SEO Ranking Factors To Help Images Get Found In The Search Results

Google Images looks for images based on the surrounding text and optimizations. Since Google can't really tell what's in the image, crawlers rely on the information you provide it. Then, if the contextual information matches the searcher's keywords, it will show up in the search results.

That said, here's a list of ranking factors for images and why they boost your Lawyer SEO.

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You have a better chance of ranking higher if you offer more context to the images that, in some way, help the users understand what the image represents. Google claims that if you make the background informative and understandable to lay users, the search engine will rank your images higher.

1. Relevance

The image you include in the material must be wholly relevant to the page's central theme. This also means that if you post scraped content or images that aren't original, you'll have a harder time ranking the image in search.

2. Right Placement

The image's positioning is also crucial in determining whether or not it will appear in search results. Images placed below the most important part of your content have a lower likelihood of being ranked higher.

That said, make sure that the photos you want to rank higher are at the top of the page, where the most critical information is.

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3. The Site's Authority

Not every website can claim to be an expert in every topic. Google learns that a site is good at one specialized topic over time. Your site authority can be built up through backlinks, traffic, and consistently posting high-quality content.

Remember: If the material isn't ranked, neither will the photos that go with it. So image ranking and page quality are inextricably linked.

4. Mobile-Friendliness

For quite some time, Google has been pushing mobile-first indexing. If you haven't yet made your website adaptable, your images' chances of ranking on Google search are limited.

Non-responsive images result in a poor user experience, and Google has recently been scrutinizing such sites.

5. File Name

Google has said unequivocally that the file name of the images has a significant impact on ranking. However, this is one of the least optimized. Most websites upload images with numbers, which offers Google no information about the image's context.

So make sure to change the file names before you upload anything. Even if you're using stock photos, change the file names before posting them.

6. Meta Title

The meta title of the image search result you get will almost always be closely related to the search query provided. This means that for your images to rank higher, you must also ensure that the page title is correctly optimized with the right search engine keywords.

7. Image Quality

Google considers the page's content quality as well as other ranking variables. When it comes to Google Images, though, image quality is critical for appearing in search results.

Some of the images that used to rank higher on Google image search were pixelated in the past. As a result, Google's image algorithm has been changed to ensure that only high-quality images appear.

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8. Heavy Images

Images that take a long time to load tend to rank lower on Google because they provide a poor user experience. A huge image can significantly slow down a website.

Even though Google creates a snapshot to display photos on the search results page, the user is directed to a slow page when they click on it, which Google does not want.

Remember: High-quality photographs do not have to be large. However, it's best to optimize all photos for the web before uploading them to avoid slowing down the website load time.

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