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How Branding Helps Law Firms

Updated: May 11, 2022

3 Reasons Why Law Firms Need A Strong Brand

Branding is the marketing practice of giving a company a name and a logo or design that allows others to recognize it merely by looking at it. This helps businesses stand out from the competition. In addition, you create a means for people to remember you and return to you via branding. And yes, branding applies to law firms, too.

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The legal industry is competitive. Whether you look at the competition online and offline, more established law firms are the ones always getting mentioned in word-of-mouth referrals and get more traffic in the digital space.

That's why Lawyer Marketing Strategies like Lawyer SEO and Content Marketing are employed, to catch the attention of prospects and have them click to your calling card—your website. However, what makes people stick around?

That said, how branding helps you in this highly competitive space is to make your law firm memorable. So what makes you different from all the other law firms?

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Are you a personal injury firm with years of collective experience in your arsenal? Are you a criminal lawyer who's handled high-profile cases before? Are you a law firm that provides contingency payments, to help low-income clients address their legal needs?

Remember: A logo on your calling card isn't branding. It's employed in a variety of ways in advertising, as well as in other marketing endeavors. But there's more to it.

Every aspect of your business plan should be encompassed by your brand. It applies to:

  1. Your marketing strategy

  2. Customer service

  3. PR management

  4. Advertising

  5. Colors schemes

  6. Logos

  7. Taglines

  8. And so on

All of the branding elements work together to generate a single, coherent message that people recognize and respond positively to. A single brand should represent every aspect of your company.

Why Do Law Firms Need A Solid Brand?

You may already have a name, logo, and marketing approach in mind. However, your brand extends beyond that.

You define your firm in the eyes of others when you build a brand. If you properly establish and develop your brand, you can also manage what others believe about your firm or how they perceive it.

Here's a list of reasons why you need a good law firm brand, and how it helps you in the long run:

1. Branding Attracts Clients

People prefer to work with one law firm over another for a variety of reasons, including branding. A strong, easily recognizable brand can attract and build a client base faster than if you had no set branding strategy.

People become aware of the brand, are drawn to it, and want to learn more. Therefore, they will typically acquire information about the brand before deciding whether or not to use its services.

When prospective clients are introduced to a brand, it helps to generate a favorable impression of them. If the brand is well-developed, potential customers want to engage with it and regard it as trustworthy.

2. Show People What To Expect From You

Because how you brand your law firm is how you want people to perceive you, it also means that your branding is a hint at what you can offer. This allows you to adjust a prospect's expectations of your firm.

Are you an aggressive lawyer that will do anything to win a criminal case? Are you a kind and understanding attorney that knows what divorce clients feel? Are you a diligent personal injury law firm that does its own investigations into your clients' insurance claims?

A brand informs your customers about what to expect. Simultaneously, it holds you to a high standard regarding what you deliver and how you provide it. That constancy, in and of itself, can contribute to your law firm's success.

Remember: If you promise something, you should be able to deliver on it. People expect something from you, and if you fail to do so, they'll be left disappointed.

3. Build Your Industry Reputation

People know what to anticipate from a brand once it has become well-known. When given the option of choosing between a brand they are familiar with and one they are unfamiliar with, many clients opt for the brand they are familiar with.

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Remember when we mentioned how more established firms are the ones who are getting word-of-mouth recommendations? It's because they've developed a brand. People recognize them because of how they handle specific cases, how often they win cases, and how their firm treats their clients.

That said, sometimes it's hard to compete with already established firms. If you are a new law firm, you naturally can't compete against an older firm with your experience. You have to focus on something else, something you can do better, and emphasize on that.

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However, there's more to SEO than getting your law firm branding right. To get you started, review your options here.


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