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How Knowledge Graph Helps Improve Florida Law Firms

A Quick Guide To Knowledge Graphs And Florida Lawyer SEO

Knowledge graphs are among the most appealing and helpful components of the search results. It basically makes a website's content the most visible in the SERPs. This is Google's way of bringing users accurate, timely, and reliable information straight away.

That said, what is a Knowledge Graph, what benefits can it have on Lawyer SEO Marketing, and what can you do to work towards it?

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What Is A Knowledge Graph?

A knowledge graph is, in its most basic form, a box containing factual data on a particular place of interest. Google either obtained the data in the box directly from the source or from various trustworthy websites on the internet.

If you're running a law firm, getting your content straight to the Knowledge Graph can significantly boost Lawyer SEO in Florida.

Knowledge Graph Vs. Rich Results Vs. and Featured Snippets On Google

Featured snippets, also known as rank zero, are explanations for queries or long-tail keywords shown above the first organic search result.

Rich Results are natural search results that include components (often visual) to improve that particular search result. For example, news item thumbnails, etc.

Knowledge Graphs have enhanced search results for topics like:

  • Companies

  • Organizations

  • Important People

  • Businesses

  • Movies

  • TV shows

  • Books

  • Food

  • Products

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How Do You Optimize Your Florida Law Firm Website For Knowledge Graphs?

If you want to significantly boost law firm digital marketing in Florida, you can do the following optimizations to be a step closer to getting on the Knowledge Graph:

Tip #1: Improve Your Law Firm Website's Structured Data Markup

Structured data can improve CTRs and rankings in Lawyer SEO. Additionally, Google's Knowledge Graph algorithm uses our website's structured data to give users accurate and comprehensive information.

Our law firm SEO agency advises that you start paying attention to your markups in general. They boost Lawyer SEO in Florida in several ways. Your law firm website will benefit from them for more than just the Knowledge Graph.

Tip #2: Set Up, Optimize, And Manage Your Google My Business Listing

For Google to leverage the information you supply for your law firm's Knowledge Graph, create your Google My Business listing and fill it out completely.

Creating a Google My Business listing might also increase your position in local search results, making it a staple strategy for local SEO. Engage with your clients via your Google My Business listing, where they may ask you questions and provide reviews. Positive signals are also sent to Google via positive reviews, regular contact, and answered questions.

Tip #3: Create High-Quality Webcopies

Aside from writing high-quality information, Google also favors the format and delivery of that information.

For example, you can write a 2000-word discussion about personal injury. However, it might lose some of its value to Google and users if it's hard to parse information out of it quickly.

This is why you're encouraged to use less-complicated language, avoid niche terms, use bullets and lists, and pay attention to formatting. Otherwise, Google won't be able to find that list or phrase that best answers a user's question.

Tip #4: Configure or Improve Your Wikipedia Page

If you look closely enough, nearly all of the descriptions they use in the Knowledge Graphs are taken from Wikipedia. This is because Google heavily relies on Wikipedia for any information on subjects they feature on their Knowledge Panel.

Therefore, you must develop a Wikipedia page for your Florida Law Firm.

Of course, before you even build your own page, you must establish authority on the Wikipedia page. For this tip, you'll need to start contributing by updating outdated information, adding pertinent information, or eliminating inaccurate information.

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