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What's Social Listening And How Can It Help Law Firms?

A Quick Law Firm Marketing Intro To Social Media Listening Strategies

Social media is a goldmine of customer and user insights and conversations. It's where people share their thoughts and discuss with other people. Users can upload photos, share important events in their personal life, and voice out their opinions on any trending topic at any time.

In short, social media is a prime opportunity to get to know your target audience and make better content and ads for them.

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Social listening, also known as social media listening, allows you to extract useful information and insights from all of these conversations. This article will walk you through all of the different parts of social listening and how it may help you.

How Social Listening Works

Social listening involves gathering data from social platforms and forums. The information collected is then analyzed to discover trends and essential information. This can impact a variety of processes, such as corporate operations, product upgrades, and advertising strategies.

In other words, social listening is a type of customer research. For law firms, you can use this data to find out what types of content people like, informing you on the next topics you can write about in your legal blog. You can also use it to listen for mentions of your law firm and gauge the overall brand reputation you have.

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It isn't a new strategy. Brands have always used surveys to measure the public's and their customers' attitudes. Social listening does the same thing, except now you don't have to directly ask people to fill out a form.

You don't even need to prompt them anymore, thanks to technology. You just need to know what you want to listen for, which platforms to do it, and which people you should find.

What Can You Use It For?

The first step is to jot down your objectives. Because you can do so many things with social listening, it's easy to become distracted. You need to know exactly what you want to achieve from the start, whether it's simply observing who talks about your law firm or finding ways to repair brand reputation.

Here are some examples of what your data can be used for:

  • Reputation management

  • Customer service

  • Content creation

  • Social media campaign performance

  • Content feedback

  • Legal blog performance

While it's still debated whether social signals are a Lawyer SEO factor, brand mentions and interactions on social media can definitely help your law firm in other ways. At the very least, it gets your law firm's name out there, which already gives you the benefit of boosting brand awareness.

What Types Of Data Should You Be Looking For?

You can figure out what data you'll need once you've established defined goals. For example, if you're trying to find a new topic to write about, you can look for trending legal topics and new stories.

The easiest method of social listening is simply typing in your keywords in the search or explore pages. For example, you can go on Twitter and type in your law firm's name in the search bar, which will then give you a list of public tweets that mention your law firm.

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Besides specific brand mentions where your law firm's name appears, you can also look for other related keywords to fulfill your social listening objective. For example, a law firm in California can use the following keywords other than its name, including:

  • California Law Firms

  • California Law

  • Los Angeles Labor Lawyer

  • Burbank Attorneys

In short, you can also use these more general terms to figure out the competition, possible location-based concerns, and trending local news.

Additionally, there are also a lot of social listening tools that can make the task easier for you. All in all, it's up to you to decide how you'll find the data you need.

You must also decide how much data you will require or how long you will be listening. For example, do you need data from the last six months? Should you filter the results and only extract data from your state? Do you need a global search result? Which social media platforms are you getting your data from?

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