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How To Build A Great Massachusetts Law Firm Website

A Quick Lawyer SEO Checklist For Effective Lead Generation On Attorney Websites

If you don't have a law firm website yet, now's the time to build one! Building a law firm website has several digital marketing perks, including boosted brand awareness, exposure, and conversions. In addition, building and optimizing your law firm website is one of the most accessible ways to implement law firm marketing.

Let's look at how law firm websites work, how they can benefit you, and how to best build a solid lawyer SEO foundation.

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Is Digital Marketing Sustainable?

Digital marketing came about as more and more people are using the internet to find answers and solutions to their needs. These days, you can get food delivered, call a driver, or find the nearest restaurant. You can also browse and pay online.

And yes, people on the internet are also looking up nearby Massachusetts law firms and possible solutions to their legal concerns.

In other words, digital marketing is simply following where the audience is. There is a lot of potential in leveraging online visibility, so you must ensure your target audience can find you.

Can Lawyer Websites Get You More Clients?

Some companies and businesses will only have one social media profile and do very well. However, having a website is still a better way to attract new clients.

Think of your law firm website as your online calling card. It should have all the relevant information people might need from your law firm. It should also be where audiences from ads, social media, and guest posts go.

Remember: The more people coming to your website, the better your law firm SEO. The higher you rank and the longer you stay ranked in the SERPs boost your law firm ROI, making it an effective and sustainable law firm marketing option.

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Law Firm Website Checklist: The Best Massachusetts Lawyer SEO Foundations

So, let's look at the crucial aspects of your law firm website and how best to optimize them:

1. Choose A Platform

The platform you choose will affect how you host your website. For example, WordPress enables you to create a website for free, but you'll have to find someone to host it. On the other hand, you have site builders like Wix, GoDaddy, Squarespace, etc., that will host your law firm website.

2. Choose Your Domain Name

Choose a memorable and concise domain name. You want people to be able to remember and type it easily. Anything too long, hard to read, and difficult to spell isn't going to be memorable.

3. Plan A Cohesive Site Structure

Site structure is crucial for you, your site visitors, and your Massachusetts Lawyer SEO. Build your homepage, landing pages, content, navigation, and relevant links.

You don't want to add random pages where you don't need them. Additionally, you want to ensure every relevant page is appropriately linked so that site crawlers can get an idea of your law firm website and content.

4. Select A Great Design

The look and feel of your law firm website are connected to your branding. You don't want a law firm website that's buggy or outdated. People are more likely to trust your law firm website if it looks professional and sleek.

5. Optimize For User Experience

Remember, you want people to get what they need and stick around for as long as possible. Law firm websites that are error-ridden, slow, hard to read, and impossible to navigate can turn off site visitors.

6. Research And Choose Lawyer SEO Keywords

Now that you've set up the basics of your website structure, do some research on high-volume and strategic keywords you want to rank for. Remember, these will be the keywords for which people will find you on the SERPs, so make sure you're choosing relevant ones.

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