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How To Start Marketing On Instagram

7 Law Firm Marketing Tips For Your Instagram Account

When it comes to marketing, social media has become one of the most convenient ways to promote law firms. Your social media presence can also boost your Lawyer SEO strategy in many ways, including promoting new blogs, boosting brand awareness, and directing traffic back to your website.

Here are a few easy tips to help you make the most of your Instagram Marketing ventures:

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1. Change your Instagram Account To A Business Account

There are several reasons why turning your basic account into a business account helps your Instagram Marketing efforts:

  • Analytics features on business profiles let you know who your followers are from and their backgrounds, ages, and countries.

  • You can promote your posts to obtain more exposure on the timelines of your followers.

  • You don't have to go through Facebook first to post Instagram advertising.

All these mentioned above are crucial in marketing in general, so that should be the first thing on your mind when taking Instagram Marketing seriously.

2. Write A Great Bio

People need to know who you are, what you do, and why they need you from one look at your profile.

So make sure your Instagram bio includes the following elements:

  • Profile Picture. You can use a photo of your logo, a product, or anything related to your law firm.

  • Name And Username. Make sure your account's username can be easily associated with your law firm name. This will make it easier for customers to find your page.

  • Bio. Make sure to include all the crucial information about your firm into this limited 150-character space.

  • Link To Your Website. Make sure your profile bio includes a link to your website.

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3. Engage with your Audience

After setting up your Instagram profile, the next important step is to engage with your followers. To maximize your Instagram marketing effort, make sure you keep your Instagram followers engaged and eager to interact with you and your content.

The following are the best ways to interact with your Instagram followers:

  • Become acquainted with the people that follow you. Knowing your followers so you can provide them content they'll want to engage with.

    • The more you engage with your audience and learn about their likes and dislikes, the easier it will be to create content that they will enjoy.

  • Stand out. Share your own personal experiences, tips, methods, and problems, as well as what makes your law firm unique. The more ways you engage with your Instagram followers, the more they will trust you.

4. Post Stories

Instagram stories are a quick and easy method to add more content to your profile without clogging up your followers' feeds.

For example, you can make a simple (but catchy!) statement on Instagram stories or link to your website to make it easy for your followers to read a new blog you've just posted.

Some other uses includes:

  • You can also post questions on Instagram stories and leave a blank box for your followers to fill in or create a poll for your followers to vote on.

  • Many Instagram influencers also use their stories to ask their followers what kind of content they want to see on their page, which is a great way to figure out what content your followers are most likely to engage with.

Instagram has now added a "Highlights" section where you can save your Instagram stories so that your followers may access them at any time. Though Instagram stories are only active for 24 hours, they're a quick and easy method to reach a larger audience.

5. Keep Track Of Your Stats

You need to know if you're doing things right. After all, if you keep employing tactics that don't work, you'll have wasted time and effort you could've dedicated to something else.

The following are the metrics you should pay particular attention to:

  • Engagement. Learning to measure Instagram engagement (including likes and comments on posts) is a valuable tool for determining what works and needs improvement on your Instagram posts.

  • Your Growth Rate. While this may take some time, knowing how to follow and measure your growth in terms of followers is beneficial.

    • For example, you may use this tool to see how many profile views you're getting, which posts got you new Instagram followers, and how your content and posting frequency affect your Instagram page.

  • URL Clicks. This tool displays the number of individuals who visit your website through Instagram. It's worth noting that it only works for the link in your bio, but it still shows you how much traffic you're getting from Instagram.

6. Use Hashtags

When it comes to Instagram and social media marketing, hashtags are quite valuable. Therefore, knowing how to utilize hashtags wisely is essential for Instagram marketing success.

Here are a few easy ways to maximize the benefits of using hashtags:

  • Make sure you come up with a catchy, unique hashtag that promotes your law firm or practice. Something simple to remember, ideally including your name or tagline.

  • Make sure your hashtags are relevant to the material you're sharing. This will increase the number of people who see your post and, as a result, draw more attention to your Instagram page.

  • Check the number of people who have followed each hashtag. The more people who have followed a hashtag, the better.

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7. Sponsored Ads

There's no reason you shouldn't use social media and Instagram marketing for advertising, especially with their significant reach.

Using Instagram and Facebook Ads to market your business effectively is a terrific approach to do it. Since Instagram and Facebook are linked, it is easier for business owners to cross-promote across numerous social media profiles.

Facebook's ad manager is used to develop ads on Instagram. The Facebook ad manager, which is linked directly to your Instagram page, allows you to do anything from generating the ad to controlling the budget.

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