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4 Off-Page Tips For Local SEO

Updated: May 10, 2022

Quick And Easy Off-Page SEO Tasks To Boost Attorney SEO Marketing

For your pages to rank high and get traffic, you must optimize your law firm's entire website, find the most popular keywords, and produce high-quality content, so search engines can easily pick them up and rank them. However, On-Page SEO and high-volume keywords aren't the only way to boost your stats. You can do several things outside your domain that can contribute to a more well-rounded Lawyer SEO strategy.

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What Is Off-Page SEO?

Off-Page SEO is a strategy that implements optimization tactics outside your domain. These could either come in the form of promotions and links that point back to your law firm's website.

While On-Page SEO is a vital facet of your Lawyer SEO strategy, you also have to boost your domain outside of it. Just because your pages and blogs are well optimized, that doesn't mean your website is a shoo-in for the first page.

Search engines like Google have reasons why they often rank well-established domains on the first page, and one of those reasons is these websites' reputability. If your domain is new, it only means that Google has no prior data to prove that your content is high-quality or reliable.

Off-Page SEO not only promotes your domain but also adds to its reputability.

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What Is Local SEO?

Local SEO optimizes for results based on keywords related to a specific location. In other words, instead of competing for global results (using broad keywords like "Criminal Defense Lawyer"), you're competing for results within your locale (by using specific terms like "Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer" and "Orange County Criminal Attorney).

Instead of competing in broad (global and national) searches, you're focusing on extremely particular location-based keywords. This is especially important for law firms looking to build a client base within their locale.

After all, lawyers can only practice in the state where they passed the bar, so you must focus marketing to an audience who are most likely to hire you.

Off-Page SEO Tactics To Boost Your Local SEO

1. Get Listed On Local Directories

Local business directories are an excellent way for users to find listings of businesses that offer products and services within their locale. These listings could feature your law firm's contact information and links that redirect to your website. Some directories might even feature online reviews and a list of your firm's legal experience.

Whether these directories feature general business listings or exclusively law firms, having your law firm listed on them can drive traffic from audiences who might otherwise have never encountered you on the search results or social media.

Some of these directories will list your firm for free or upon request, while others charge a small fee to get you on their listings. As long as the directory is a reputable domain that doesn't post spam, you should request to have your firm listed when it isn't already. If you choose to set aside expenses to be listed on paid directories, make sure to weigh in on whether the cost is worth the amount of exposure and traffic you'll be able to get from getting listed on them.

2. Get Featured By Local Blogs

Keep an eye on local blogs that write about topics related to your state or locale. You might even find bloggers who feature news and legal reports that happen in your area. Of course, the audiences who regularly read their content are most likely to be locals, too.

You can get featured in these blogs through interviews and citations. For example, you might get linked as a source or citations on a feature if you write high-quality law-related content. Some bloggers might also consult lawyers to explain complex legal topics, so try accepting interviews and answer legal questions bloggers might send through email.

3. List Your Law Firm On Google My Business

For starters, Google My Business (GMB) has a number of Lawyer SEO benefits. It's a business directory where you can list your law firm, add your contact information, get reviews, and appear on local searches.

Google My Business also takes advantage of Google's ability to predict search intent and decipher Voice Search. So, for example, if a user asks a virtual assistant to "find lawyers near me", Google is able to track their location and give them accurate results of law firms in their area. A listing also gets your firm on Google Maps and will be visible for users when they're nearby.

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4. Write Guest Posts For Local Blogs And Magazines

Getting featured on local blogs doesn't always happen, so sometimes, you have to make a move yourself. That said, writing guest posts and articles for other blogs and online publications can help you find audiences outside your domain.

Your guest posts have to be original, high-quality and adhere to the tone and style of the publication you want to be featured on. Not only are guest posts a great way to find new readers, but they're also great for getting good backlinks to point an audience back to your domain.

As long as you can produce great content that gets approved by the publication's editors, you don't have to wait around for links and citations to come.

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