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Lawyer Blog Topics For Maryland Personal Injury Law Firms

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Personal Injury Blog Ideas For Law Firm Content Marketing

Legal blogging is a great way to implement law firm content marketing. Instead of posting ads, you're publishing content that attracts people based on its inherent value. The more blog posts you publish, the better your Maryland Lawyer SEO and law firm content marketing will be.

Hence, you must post high-quality content consistently. You can't publish duplicates, write incomplete content, or leave your blog abandoned for long periods.

However, that also means you need a steady supply of content ideas. It's common for people to run out of good ideas, which can be frustrating and cause delays to your content plan.

So, here are a few Maryland personal injury blog ideas to keep the schedule going:

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1. Start With Complete And Detailed Legal Guides

If you're just starting out, the goal should be publishing legal guides for every relevant topic to your practice. For example, if you're looking for personal injury clients, you should have a complete guide for car accident claims, bus crashes, Uber and Lyft/Rideshare accidents, etc. Basically, write guides on different legal situations where your practice might apply.

Some personal injury law firms will only write about general content. Still, more specific guides with the right keywords can be more valuable to clients who need them.

After all, not all personal injury claims work the same way. For example, what applies to two private cars colliding with each other might not have the same challenges and awards as rideshare accidents.

2. Write about Legal Developments, Law Changes, And New Policies

People like to be updated on new laws that affect their rights and legal options. You can write guides on new policies or publish a news story about them (both would be great, too!).

That said, you are not required to stick to already-passed laws. Another excellent subject for your Maryland legal blog is contentious issues that the state government is still debating over. Writing about potential changes and new policies can also be great informative content.

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3. Write Personal Injury News Stories

You can report on new personal injury cases within Maryland and otherwise. People seek news like this, especially when it's new and interest is high. You can benefit from the traffic spike if you implement your Lawyer SEO right and rank high enough in the SERPs.

Since you're covering relevant personal injury cases, you can still use some of the keywords often used for your content.

Remember: Interest in the news might wane over time, so you still need some timeless, evergreen content, not just trendy ones.

4. Write Localized Content For Maryland Clients

What makes content "high-quality" depends on the satisfaction of the person reading them. Therefore, catering to your target audience and their needs is the best way to generate leads for your Maryland law firm.

So, if you write about car accident claims, add details that would help Maryland clients. Use statistics, policies, and examples that apply in Maryland. For example, you can use pedestrian accident statistics to highlight how often of a concern it is for residents.

More importantly, this would allow you to use Local SEO keywords for your legal blog. While local keywords have lower search volumes, it's much easier to rank for them.

Not to mention, our Maryland Lawyer SEO experts always say it's better to rank for multiple keywords with lower search volumes than it is to get buried in highly-competition head-keyword SERPs.

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