5 Ways To Get Reviews On Google My Business

Updated: Aug 20

A Guide On How To Get Google Reviews For Your Law Firm

Reviews are a form of social proof. They show potential clients that your law firm is legitimate, reliable, and accessible. Having your clients write up a review can boost your social proof and convince more potential clients to come to your firm. In short, Google Reviews are great for your Law Firm Marketing and Lawyer SEO.

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Google Reviews are among the first that shows up in the search results, and are closely tied with your Google My Business listing. Of course, you need to think about getting good reviews, but as long as you're keep performing well for every client, that wouldn't be a problem.

Remember: If you have enough of them, a negative one can be averaged out by all the other positive reviews. So don't panic when someone leaves you a bad review. You should also keep watch for Negative SEO attacks, as some competitors might send fake negative reviews in an effort to pull your ratings.

However, your clients would usually have to get out of their way to write one. Thankfully, there are many ways you can convince them to do so.

1. Ask Them Directly

The easiest way to get reviews is to ask your clients. Surprisingly, a lot of clients don't even know that they can do that, so a quick reminder can get them to go on Google Reviews and leave you one.

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Some clients might not even know how to do it, or they need someone to encourage them to get out of their way to do so. As long as you ask nicely and wait patiently for them to figure it out, you'll start seeing some reviews pop up on your Google My Business listing.

2. Send Them A Link

Sometimes, what's discouraging clients from giving reviews is that it's too much work. If you're not really familiar with Google Reviews or you just don't have the time, it can be too much work to go click around and write reviews.

Thankfully, Google allows you to generate a short link that sends users directly to your review page. It makes it more convenient for them, so you might be able to coax them into submitting one for your law firm.

3. Add Links To Your Website

While we're talking about links, you can also use your generated links wherever you want. To get more people to leave you reviews, you can add your review link to your website.

An excellent way to do so would be to use it as a hyperlink to an eye-catching image. It catches people's attention more than a simple link, and you can highlight it better by letting it take up more space on your pages.

4. Do Follow-Ups

Don't be shy to do quick follow-ups with your clients. For example, you can send them an email after a successful case. Then, you can politely encourage them to leave you a review.

Better yet, use the generated review link to make it more convenient for your clients.

5. Use Calls-To-Action (CTAs)

CTAs are great for Lawyer SEO overall. They're simple, encouraging messages that coax users to execute a desired action. You can use your CTAs to encourage people to subscribe to email newsletters or submit their case details for a free review.

Write short and simple CTAs on your emails, follow-ups, and landing pages. You can also incorporate them in hyperlinked images and website pop-ups.

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Bottom-line: Your Reviews Are Important

While the number of Google Reviews you have on your listing doesn't immediately pull your rankings up, it can still influence end-users in significant ways. The more Google Reviews you have, the more social proof potential clients can reference, so it'll be easier to convince them of your law firm's skill and reliability.

Remember: Verified Google My Business accounts also have the benefit of responding to reviews. Google has since encouraged businesses to respond, and acknowledges those who do.

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