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LinkedIn Best Practices & Checklist For Law Firms

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

Tips On Building And Optimizing Your LinkedIn Company Page For Lawyer Marketing

LinkedIn has always targeted professional connections. It emphasizes the account holder's professional practice and accomplishments, and it is the focal point of most interactions on the site. Fortunately, you can also make a company or business page, and you can make one for your law firm.

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1. Create A Company Page

A company page provides information about your law firm, legal services, and job openings. This means that you can use LinkedIn to build a client base and recruit new talent to your law firm.

First, you'll need a personal LinkedIn account and a confirmed email address. What's more, company profiles are free to make.

Remember: Some users like to browse around LinkedIn to find a law firm to hire. Expanding your online presence only serves to boost brand awareness.

2. Choose Professional Images

When you choose your logo and cover photo, make sure they look nice and professional. Search engines might not pick up the text on your images, but it does affect how users perceive and interact with your profile.

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For your personal profile, make sure you have a professional headshot. While you don't have to upload an awkward ID picture for your personal LinkedIn account, you still want to make sure that it represents your professional practice.

3. Write A Company Description

In a few short paragraphs, tell people about your law firm and your offered services. Include Lawyer SEO keywords to better optimize for search engine results.

Remember: Google shows up to 156 characters of your page's text. So make sure all your keywords and relevant information are near the top of your description.

You can use this section as you would your bio or profile summary. Make sure you mention the areas of law you handle, your experience, and your company values and goals.

4. Use Hashtags

To make your profile more searchable, you can add up to three hashtags. You choose ones that other law firms commonly use, so you show up on the tags along with related pages and content.

5. Add A LinkedIn Button

LinkedIn allows buttons that allow you to customize what it does. Anyone user who clicks on it will be redirected to a URL of your choice.

For Example:

The button can do any of the following:

  • Visit website

  • Contact us

  • Learn more

  • Sign up

  • Any other social media profile

Remember to include the appropriate URL and update them when anything changes.

6. Publish Relevant Content

Applying content marketing practices, produce high-quality content that's going to be valuable to your LinkedIn audience. You must share and create content that your followers will seek out instead of convincing them to read them.

Remember: You need to know who your audience is and what they want to see on LinkedIn, just like any other effective marketing effort.

Another important content marketing rule to remember is to avoid producing strictly promotional content. People don't tend to be interested in them.

7. Use LinkedIn Analytics

LinkedIn's Company Page statistics allow you to evaluate post interaction, see your follower demographics, and track page traffic.

Knowing how your pages and accounts are doing can help your Lawyer SEO strategies. For starters, see which of your posts are doing well, which aren't, and then discern creating more of the content that does well.

You can see how users reach your page and which sections they interact with. You can also get an idea of who is interested in your law firm by looking at visitor demographics.

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8. Promote Your Page

Let people know that your LinkedIn company page is now up and running. You can give it a headstart by sending it to your colleagues and employees, then ask them to follow the page.

You should also promote your page on your website and other social media. Add them to your contact information, and newsletters, and link them to your account bios.

We Can Help To Manage & Improve Your LinkedIn Page

Boost your Lawyer SEO by being on social media platforms like LinkedIn. SEO involves on-page and off-page facets that all contribute to a boost in site traffic and conversions.

Your law firm's LinkedIn page exposure can be easily increased by leveraging what your prospective clients and referral sources are already seeing.

If you need help creating or improving your firm's LinkedIn page, contact the law firm digital marketing experts at LawyerLeadMachine and follow us on LinkedIn.


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