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Newsletter Design Tips For Law Firm Marketing

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

5 Design Tips For An Effective Legal Newsletter

While lots of time and effort is put into Lawyer SEO and attracting new visitors, keeping them is different. Email newsletters are a great way to remind prior visitors of reasons to come back.

And yes, emails aren't an outdated way to market your law firm. On the contrary, email is one of the oldest modes of online communication. It hasn't changed much since its origin due to its widespread use and lack of consistent style standards.

Remember: Younger users still check their emails regularly, even if they're often immersed in faster communications through social media and chat apps.

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1. Use Tables

Tables were the means to position web items where you wanted them before CSS. Most email clients support tables, allowing you to arrange your design elements in a pleasing manner without fear of it being ruined by mishandled code on the receiver's end.

Emails are usually shown in a "preview pane" or another narrow, tall style in most email clients. Tables allow you to control the width of your design to fit inside this limit while still allowing you to format your information into columns and rows with unique background colors so that your layout doesn't break if images aren't loaded properly.

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2. Important Details Should Be Towards The Top

Many people view their emails in the preview pane along the side of their inbox rather than opening them. A reasonable rule of thumb is to keep your design at 600px wide or less, but even then, certain email clients will only display a section of your email.

So make sure your important text is towards the top of the email, on the left side. The user should be enticed to scroll or open your message from those few visible texts in the preview.

3. Keep It Concise

Have a concise and unambiguous call to action. It's not necessary to provide your entire new catalog in a single email. A valuable list of tips is enough to entice someone to click through. Before they get to the delete button, you want to grab their attention.

If the content you include in your emails are too long, people might get bored. So save the long-form legal guides for your blogs, and use short and concise content for your emails.

Remember: Your content should also be valuable or informative. It can't be exclusively promotional. Otherwise, people won't have a reason to subscribe to you.

4. Include A Link To A Browser Version

You can be as meticulous as possible with your design, message, planning, and execution. Still, you can't always be sure that every single subscriber will be able to see the email correctly for one reason or another.

Your email should start with a link to an externally hosted HTML version of the email. This ensures that the subscriber can read your content regardless of how the email is opened or which elements aren't working.

Remember: Some subscribers have slow connections, incompatible browsers, different devices, and other variables.

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5. Test Your Email Newsletter

Set up accounts with all web-based email services (such as Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo Mail), familiar desktop email programs (such as Outlook), and mobile Android and iPhone mail apps for testing purposes. You can also pay for private email drip services if your law firm has some extra budget.

Remember: Make sure there are no mistakes. The last thing you want to do is send thousands of emails to your subscribers only to see grammatical errors, broken links, and other problems.


Running an email marketing campaign for your law firm is more than just sending random promotional emails. You need to consider formatting, content, and test them before sending them out for real.

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