Online Law Firm Marketing Tips To Boost Your SEO Strategy

Updated: Aug 20

A List Of Law Firm Marketing Tips To Boost Traffic And Conversions

Whether you're a small law firm looking for an effective strategy or an established firm looking for a new one, focusing your marketing plans to an online audience is an excellent choice. Here's a list of how you can build and shift your law firm marketing into the online space.

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1. Establish Your Brand

Identify what distinguishes your law firm from your competitors. The legal services industry is highly competitive, so you have to figure out a way to stand out.

For Example:

Think about the best qualities your law firm has that might appeal to clients:

  • Do you offer 24/7 case review chats?

  • Are your lawyer fees on a contingency basis?

  • Do you specialize in a specific area of law?

  • Do you handle class action lawsuits?

  • Are you experienced with delicate family law cases?

Instead of blending in with the countless law firms competing with you, find ways to differentiate yourself. After all, if all law firms are the same, shouldn't clients just blindly pick one to hire?

2. Incorporate Local SEO

When people look up law firms, they'll want one that practices in their state—so they'll take advantage of the local searches. Some clients might even go for firms that are close by to make it easier for them to visit your office.

Local SEO implements strategies that get you to rank in local searches.

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For Example:

Instead of showing up in global searches like "Employment Lawyer", you get to show up in more specific keywords like "Los Angeles Employment Lawyer" and "Florida Personal Injury Attorney".

You'll also need to set up your local business profile, which you can do via Google My Business. Running geo-targeted Google advertisements might also help your website gain traction.

3. Research Your Target Audience

While promoting to everyone boosts your brand awareness, not every user in the country will become your client. Unless your firm caters to all states and areas, your law practice is limited to where you got your license and what your professional experience is. Promoting to a user from across the country could waste the time and effort you put into your marketing strategy.

Instead, research to determine who your primary target audience is. Then, you can either survey your previous and current clients or analyze demographic data from your website analytics.

You can also ask them important demographic questions like:

  • Which city do you live in?

  • Where did you hear about our firm?

  • Did you have any previous legal cases?

When you're looking at your analytics, you can look up stats on each individual page, blog post, and link. Check to see which are doing well, change up those that aren't, and start creating content like the ones your audience prefers.

4. Set Goals

The key to a consistent marketing plan is setting goals. How much traffic do you need? When will you implement parts of your marketing plan? How often should you post on your legal blog?

Whether or not you meet these goals is a great way to tell if your online promotions and digital marketing campaigns are working. If you're implementing strategies as planned but are not getting the desired result, maybe it's time to change things up.

Remember: Make sure that your objectives are realistic. For example, raising your firm's pricing, expanding your client base, and even increasing your firm's online presence are all goals to consider.

5. Set Up Landing Pages

Landing pages help your Lawyer SEO. They can increase traffic while also bringing in more clients.

A landing page is where potential clients can "land" on. Users can reach it through links from another page, like your blogs, articles, and social media pages.

For Example:

When you're writing a legal guide on Personal Injury Laws, you might want to incorporate keywords like "hire a personal injury attorney" or "find a personal injury lawyer". You can set up those keywords as anchor texts that take site visitors to a Personal Injury landing page on your website.

lawyer marketing

In Law Firm Marketing, your landing pages serve a primary goal, separate from your homepage or any other pages. Your landing pages should have CTAs that encourage users to do something (i.e., subscribing to your newsletters, getting added to your email lists, or setting up appointments with your firm).

There's no reason to limit yourself to just one landing page at a time. Most SEO practitioners maintain several landing pages, each aimed at a different client demographic.

For Example:

You can set up a different landing page for each area of law your firm specializes in. Then, make sure content relevant to these landing pages link back to them.

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