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Social Media Content Ideas For Law Firm Marketing

6 Easy Tips To Creating Content On Social Media

No one wants to follow an account that only posts ads. So if you're going to use social media in your digital marketing strategy, you need to post more than strictly promotional content.

To be fair, you can use your social media as a way for clients and already-interested prospects to communicate with you. Still, without non-promotional content, your law firm won't be able to find a new audience.

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Social media content is drastically different from what you're already doing on your legal blog. You'll often run into low character limits, a user base with varied preferences, and different optimization best practices. In most cases, people favor clickable and sharable content made for quick consumption.

In this post, we'll list some ideas for social media content creation:

1. Turn Your Blogs Into Other Types Of Content

If you're running out of ideas, repurposing material is a fantastic option. After all, if you've come up with an excellent idea for a blog, you want to make use of it as much as you can.

You can convert parts of your blog posts into videos, infographics, slides, or an abridged listicle. You may, of course, convert your videos into text content as well.

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2. Share Tips, Tricks, And Trivia

Your social media followers will appreciate discovering relevant and useful tips and legal trivia. You can do so by posting a 280-character Tweet or a short informational paragraph on Facebook.

Remember: The key to doing so is to keep it short and straightforward. Unlike your legal blog, you're going to social media shareability. Longer, more comprehensive content sometimes doesn't really fair well in social media.

Start sharing tips and tricks once in a while and see how things go. These types of posts allow users to consume information quickly, making it more digestible.

3. Make Infographics

Infographics that are well-designed generate a lot of attention and engagement. They are widely shared, so creating something that many people would be interested in learning about is a good content marketing technique.

Not to mention, people often respond well to images. Infographics can also condense complicated ideas and concepts, and present them into a more digestible visual medium.

4. Ask Questions And Engage With Your Audience

When you've run out of ideas and can't seem to come up with a solution, you should approach your email subscribers, social media followers, and close contacts directly.

Simply inquire about what they'd like to learn more about, what challenges they're still having, and what's on their thoughts. This form of direct feedback is incredible and highly effective. Then, after you've gotten their responses, think about how you can turn those ideas into amazing content.

For Example:

You can ask followers to send you their questions about the law and your practice. Once you've gathered a good amount of questions, you can put them into an FAQ or a compilation. Then, you can post these on social media, as video content, or as a blog post.

5. Share High-Quality Content

Share, ReTweet, Reblog!

Is there a new interesting headline posted by a well-known news site? Curate them and show them to your followers.

While not your own content, it helps you keep your social media content going in times when you're running out of an idea. You can share case studies, peer-reviewed papers, YouTube videos, and news stories.

Remember: It's common practice to be careful not to share a competitor's content. Other than that, anything that is interesting and relevant to your audience is fair game.

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6. Share Your Own Content

That said, you can also share content you made on other platforms. For example, you can link your videos, blog posts, and your own content published on other websites (guest posts).

Think of it as a way to promote your own content across platforms. This alerts audiences into your entire online presence, including other accounts and profiles.

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