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How To Make Video Marketing Content For Your Law Firm

Updated: May 11, 2022

A Quick Guide On Video Marketing, Lawyer SEO, And Target Audiences

Videos are one of the most effective ways for customers to learn more about your company. It's visual, engaging, and entertaining. It allows prospects and audiences to see for themselves what you have to offer and why they should trust you.

However, for your videos to be effective, they must build on and develop your brand so that prospects know exactly what to anticipate and why they should come to you.

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While the usual digital marketing and Lawyer SEO practices can be enough for law firms, the rise of platforms like YouTube has normalized practicing professionals using videos as marketing tools.

Not to mention, you can essentially produce, edit, and post these videos yourself. Smartphone cameras are better now, and user-friendly editing software can easily be acquired, learn, and used.

Whether you're hiring someone to help with your law firm's video marketing strategy, or you want to do it yourself, you need some tips on the most effective ways to do so. Here's what you can do:

1. Be Clear On What The Video's About

Early on, your audience must recognize your law firm. This keeps the video consistent and guarantees that the audience associates whatever they see with you and your law firm.

Remember: When people immediately click off your videos on sites like YouTube, it's likely to negatively impact traffic, views, and social shares. In addition, audiences get bored quickly, so be straightforward and snappy when you can.

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Whether your purpose is to instruct your audience, introduce your firm, or tell them about your legal services, be clear about your goal.

For Example:

If you post a video about "What To Do In Case Of A Car Accident," it should be clear to the audience that it's what your video is all about.

2. Speak To Your Target Market

Before you can consider creating a video campaign, you must first determine who your target audience is. When it comes to boosting your brand awareness, generalizing your video to everyone won't help.

Remember: Other than a few curious people, anyone who doesn't have any problems or concerns with Physical Injury will probably not watch your videos.

For Example:

Let's assume you're posting a video about Personal Injury Laws.

Instead of speaking to the general public, make sure that you cater to your target market. Speak to people who have recently been or have family members who were in accidents. Empathize, use relatable examples, and bring up the common concerns your target demographic has.

This makes your videos more impactful and effective to actual prospects. But, of course, you also need to remember that your viewers may not be lawyers, so try to avoid niche language and explain to them when you can't.

3. Talk About What You Know

As mentioned, your audience may not be lawyers. However, they may, in fact, be looking at law-related videos because they need someone to help them understand legal concepts.

In informative videos, you're the expert. You know about the law, and you're there to educate them. To take full advantage of your knowledge and translate it to video content.

Much like legal blogging, you can make informed, high-quality content through videos. Doing so can help market your law firm, your brand, and your skills as lawyers. You can talk about the areas of law you're most experienced in, use past cases as examples, start discussions through a legal angle, and supply your audience with helpful tips.

4. Use Calls To Action (CTAs)

You must make it clear to your audience what you want them to do. Incorporating a call-to-action into your film shows that you have direction and purpose and gives the viewer clear guidance on what to do.

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CTAs are strong, impactful, and encouraging statements that urge a viewer to do something. Some examples of this (as heard in a lot of YouTube videos) can include the following:

  • "Subscribe to our channel!"

  • "Click on the link in the description for more information!"

  • "Set an online appointment with one of our attorneys now!"

  • "Watch our other videos in this series."

A successful call to action will help improve your brand awareness, site traffic, and conversions.

Remember: Although most people place their calls to action at the end of a video, you can also use it in the middle as a brief segues. Experiment with different approaches to determine what works best for your video.

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