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Why You Need To Audit Your Illinois Law Firm SEO

Auditing and How It Boosts Lawyer SEO In Illinois

The first step in developing a solid Lawyer SEO strategy is to do an initial audit of your website. This will instantly show what's working and what needs adjustments of your law firm website.

More importantly, auditing should be done regularly. Keywords fall off, traffic fluctuates, and blog posts might not be doing well. You want to catch possible problems and improve as you go.

That said, this all sounds too broad. There are several reasons why you should audit your Illinois Law Firm SEO, including:

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1. Search Engine Algorithms Change

To improve user experience, search engines like Google are continually changing and improving their algorithms. Unfortunately, there have been cases where rankings and traffic fall off because of algorithm updates.

So, you want to watch out for any possible changes in the algorithm and prepare your law firm website for them. Not only does this help you plan future strategies, but it also helps you reoptimize what you already have.

2. Spotting Errors On Your Law Firm Website

You can assess the state of your website by doing regular Lawyer SEO audits. This will help you catch possible problems affecting your site and rankings, such as:

  • Broken links

  • Redirects

  • Error Pages

These factors are often hard to spot, especially if you're not manually going through every page and link on your law firm website. You don't want your audience to run into these problems before you've fixed them.

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3. Boost Your Mobile Site

Google now prioritizes mobile-friendly websites when indexing and ranking them. After all, many people use the internet through their phones, so Google wants to cater to that.

So, audit your mobile site and ensure a great user experience. A website that looks good on desktops may not necessarily translate in small mobile screens.

4. Keep An Eye On The Competition

Illinois Law Firm SEO audits can give you information about your competition. You'll learn more about their Lawyer SEO rankings, find out what keywords they're using, and see if you can use those keywords in your own Illinois Law Firm SEO efforts. After all, ranking in the SERPs is about doing better than the competition.

That said, your competitors won't all be law firms. All pages competing for the same keywords are competitors, so you could be competing with legal encyclopedias, referral services, or review sites.

5. Check Your Keywords And Their Status

Tracking and monitoring your keywords is the best approach to determine whether your Lawyer SEO plan is effective. Consistent SEO audits will give you information about the general performance of your website, the keywords you wish to rank for, and your existing position for those keywords.

Using Illinois Law Firm SEO analysis, you can track the development of your website updates and make regular changes based on the effectiveness of your keyword ranks.

6. Monitor Your Law Firm's Traffic

You may learn about the search traffic, URL clicks, and impressions your website gets on search results through Lawyer SEO using tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Of course, increased clicks and impressions are always a sign that your SEO approach is effective, but if you're seeing no improvement or a downward trend, it might be a sign to start changing something up.

An SEO audit will give you crucial information about the elements of your SEO strategy and the corrections to optimize your website's performance and, most importantly, produce a return on investment.

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