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5 Reasons Why Content Marketing Works For Law Firms

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Learn Why Content Marketing Is An Effective Law Firm Marketing Strategy

Content marketing goes hand in hand with Law Firm SEO. Not only will a good content marketing strategy help you gain online visibility, but it can also build an audience of potential clients.

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Below is a list of reasons how Content Marketing for Law Firms work, how they benefit your Attorney SEO, and why you should start as soon as possible.

1. Informative Content Educates Users

While legal services always had a steady demand, it would be careless to assume that everyone knows how the law works. Clients seek out law firms in the first place because they need an expert to guide them through a set process.

So unless someone is savvy enough to have read up on every state and federal law book, they might not be aware of the full extent of their legal options. Most people with even moderate knowledge about a certain industry prefer making educated purchases.

You should even consider the people who might not even know they have any legal grounds to sue someone in the first place.

Content marketing doesn't only improve your brand awareness; it also educates an audience that might otherwise think they don't need a lawyer. This is why your content should be complete, engaging, and concise. That way, you should be able to cater to an audience with varying levels of knowledge of the topic at hand.

2. Consistent Content Keeps Readers Coming Back

If you consistently publish thoughtful, high-quality content, interested users will regularly check back for more. Some people are just interested in learning about the law. If they think your content is the best out there, they will anticipate each one you publish.

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This also means that educated clients will know when they need legal assistance. So, you should be there when they do decide they need to find a Law Firm to hire. Since you already have brand awareness, your Law Firm immediately becomes a candidate when things like this happen.

It should also be said that blogs that don't update for months can look abandoned, as with most content-reliant accounts.

3. It Keeps Users On Your Site

The amount of time users spend on your website is good for your Law Firm SEO efforts. These are stats that search engine algorithms use to rank your page. So when you have a more content backlog, the more interested users have something to read or consume.

You can also encourage users to read on by adding internal links to posts and pages related to the article they're already on.

For Example:

You can encourage a user to read about a specific subtopic by suggesting it through a list of recommended readings or hyperlinks to portions of a discussion.

Having more content compete in the ranks is good for Lawyer SEO. Just make sure they're high quality, so readers are more likely to read on no matter where they start.

4. Steady Flow Of Content Improves Brand Awareness

Perhaps one immediate benefit of content marketing is brand awareness. While it doesn't instantly convert users into clients, it (as mentioned) gets your Law Firm's name out there.

The goal of ranking high on search engines is for people to find you. Therefore, you implement Law Firm SEO strategies as a way to rank up and gain traffic.

In short, content marketing improves your online visibility.

Think of your content as a way to expand your website's reach. Users might not come across your website, but they might click links from your social media accounts or find a helpful article you authored while looking for legal advice online. Having a consistent flow of content means you're consistently trying to compete, and the more presence your content has online will help direct potential (and curious) clients to your site.

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5. Producing High-Quality Content Can Make You An Industry Authority

When you're creating high-quality content, it's so you can compete with other websites through Law Firm SEO. The key is to make the most complete, most digestible, and most engaging content that users will choose over others.

If you do it right, users will start referring to your content as the best resource for specific legal topics. Industry authority goes hand in hand with the level of trust people have in you.

A high-quality article can also be used as a reference for other writers or bloggers, so it also increases your chances of getting links from someone else's website. The more links you have from other reliable websites, the better you rank in the search results.


Content marketing is not only good for your SEO stats, but it also helps you build a relationship with your audience—both of which are essential to Lawyer SEO. So not only does it improve your brand awareness, but it can also help you build industry authority.

The only thing left to do is start planning out your content and make sure they're helpful, high-quality, and consistent. Don't forget to promote them on all social media channels, too!

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