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Why Readability Is Important To Lawyer SEO

How Readability Directly And Indirectly Affects Your Law Firm Marketing

If you've read up on Lawyer SEO and law firm digital marketing strategies, you know it's got a lot to do with writing. Your legal blogs, emails, CTAs, social media posts, and website all require you to write and optimize to rank high in the SERPs.

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How Does Readability Affect SEO?

If you write your content in basic, plain English, your SEO efforts will benefit. So let's take a look at how content readability influences your Lawyer SEO efforts:

1. Good Readability Boosts User Experience

Unintelligible content can lead to a poor user experience, which is terrible for Lawyer SEO. Nobody will value your content (i.e., your guides, legal tips, etc.) if they are all unintelligible and stuffed with irrelevant keywords.

The focus of your post should be entirely on your target audience. Content should provide information about a solution to a problem or an answer to a question.

Remember: Don't force keywords that aren't organic, especially ones that are irrelevant to the content or do not make grammatical sense in your sentences.

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That said, concentrate on producing high-quality content for their website's users. When you publish difficult-to-understand content, you are not assisting users with their search intent. In reality, you'd just end up with dissatisfied website visitors.

The direct result of this is a phenomenon known as bounce rate. If people exit a page shortly after it has finished loading, Google bots will interpret this as a lack of interest in the content. As a result, Google will not rank the site for specific queries. Content that is easy to read is more likely to be retained by users.

2. Google Wants You To Write For Humans

It was typical practice in the early days of SEO to keyword stuff keywords to rank high in the SERPs. That is not the situation nowadays. Those days are long gone, as Google now prioritizes the user experience over the experiences of search engine bots.

Google improved its artificial intelligence, allowing it to recognize more types of information. In the Google Hummingbird update, for example, they started recognizing synonyms and context recognition in content. This suggests that Google has been attempting to analyze and forecast what consumers want to read in recent months.

3. Voice Search Favors Readability

Google and other big search engines are now focusing on voice search optimization. Most of Google's search results, for example, are now presented in a conversational tone. They've also begun the practice of ranking information in a voice-like manner.

Try listening to a read-aloud of a long blog post that features meandering sentences and a plethora of tough words. The result of a voice search would be impossible to grasp. Google will not use your material for voice search results if it is difficult to read.

The best method to improve your content voice search SEO game is to develop readable material. That's why in Lawyer SEO, voice search has taken off and here to stay.

How To Boost Your Content's Readability

Visitors frequently skim through texts, read subheadings, and the first few sentences of paragraphs rather than reading the entire thing. If your blog post is one long, solid wall of text, then it doesn't make it enticing to read.

Remember: People "Google" something because they have a need. They want to get the information they want as quickly as possible, and poor readability can significantly slow down that process.

Here are a few more readability tips to help you out:

1. Organize And Outline Your Blog Post

Think about what you'll say to visitors to your website and in what sequence you'll say it. You don't want to veer off mid-blog post, nor do you want to go back and forth on a single point.

You should make sure that your material is organized sensibly.

Your target audience must understand what you mean, recognize a logical flow, and not be subjected to multiple irrelevant tangents.

2. Be Concise

Read through your sentences and try condensing them.

As long as the thought, argument, or definition doesn't change, shortening your sentences is an excellent way of making your content more readable.

Remember: People appreciate straightforward answers to their questions. If it takes you too long to get to the point, the more likely your audience will get confused.

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3. Use Simple Words

"Simple" doesn't always mean "less than" or "bland." When it comes to readability, "simple" means straightforward and clear.

Avoid using niche language, legalese, or complicated words. These types of words will only slow down the reader from getting what they want or need.

Remember: You are the legal expert here. People come to you to know more about the law. So don't expect people are going to understand complex legal concepts and definitions.

So, make sure you explain each new concept, word, or acronym you introduce.

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