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Why Site Design Matters In Illinois Lawyer SEO

Why You Need To Pay Attention To Your Illinois Law Firm Website Design

There is so much focus on Lawyer SEO keywords and content that other ranking factors are sometimes forgotten. While it's true that bad content and keywords mean people won't find you, bad site design means people might not stick around.

And in our experience, you need both to ensure excellent Illinois Lawyer SEO performance.

Let's look at why site design does more than you think for your Illinois Attorney SEO and how it boosts your law firm marketing strategy.

Illinois Lawyer SEO

These are the top factors that make website design crucial:

1. Site Design Creates A User's First Impression

So, if someone finally clicks on your blog post from the SERPs, the first thing they'll notice is how your law firm website is designed. Before they even read the content on the page, they'll first encounter how fast your site loads, how easy it is to read the text, and how nice the color scheme looks.

Remember: When running digital law firm marketing, people form their opinions about your law firm based on what they see online. So, while working on your content quality and keywords, ensure they're delivered on a well-designed and accessible page.

Users who could have been potential law firm clients will be put off and move their business elsewhere if your website is obviously old, disorganized, or unattractive.

2. Good Site Design Boosts Illinois Lawyer SEO

Site design affects how you rank in the SERPs, making it a significant component of search engine optimization for lawyers.

The layout of your website influences where and how you post information, affecting how search engines crawl and index your website. Additionally, your code should be SEO-friendly to ensure that your websites appear in searches.

Remember: Even if many people click on your links in the SERPs, it negatively affects your Illinois Attorney SEO if they click right off. This would count towards the bounce rate, the percentage of people who close the tab or leave right after clicking on your page.

There are many reasons people click right off, one being bad site design. Hard-to-read font styles, too many pop-ups, and slow loading speeds can prompt people to close the tab.

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3. Building Trust For Your Illinois Law Firm

Because of the prevalence of scams, hackers, and false information online, having a well-designed website is essential for establishing your law firm's credibility. Conversely, users frequently perceive websites with bad or outdated design as unreliable or risky, which can harm your bottom line.

Your law firm website should be welcoming and up-to-date, with easy access to contact information.

4. An Updated Site Design Keeps You Competitive

You risk losing clients to your competition if they have attractive websites and you don't. People might think of them as better, more reliable law firms based on the first impression.

Try to establish a routine of visiting your competitors' websites to compare what they are doing with what you are doing on your own website. Note elements that appear appealing or function well, then try incorporating them into your website.

5. Maintains Your Brand Identity

Maintaining a consistent brand image across as many platforms as possible is crucial if you want to increase brand recognition. Since your website is the foundation of a large portion of your law firm marketing, it should serve as the model for your branding.

To establish consistency and to indicate the visitor's location on each page of your website, use the same fonts, colors, styles, and layouts throughout. Also, consider your color schemes, tone, and delivery to ensure you and your content is recognizable wherever you are on the internet.

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