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6 Tips To Start YouTube Marketing For Lawyers

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

Learn How To Effectively Implement Lawyer Content Marketing On YouTube

Content marketing for lawyers isn't limited to the ones you post on your law firm's website. As long as your content points back to your important landing pages, they can draw traffic anywhere you put them. Uploading video content to Youtube is one way to attract traffic from outside your domain.

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Unlike blog posts and articles, good video content has different criteria. While some of the techniques translate well from one medium to another, there are some adjustments you have to make to create engaging and valuable video content.

1. Video Content Should Be Fast-Paced

While an excellent content-creation rule to have, conciseness is a major factor in keeping your audience engaged. Using too many on-screen texts, rambling dialogue, and long pauses can detract attention from your videos.

If you've seen enough "Top 10 Lists" and info-vlogs on YouTube before, you already know that most of them incorporate punchy lines and regular jump cuts. In addition, YouTube has billions of videos that users can click on if they're bored or uninterested.

To keep attention on your videos, make sure that users get what they're promised—and fast. Don't use unrelated or exaggerated "clickbait" titles, and don't waste your time. Most people watch video content to avoid lengthy texts, so don't drag it out when you can.

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2. Streamline Your Video Production

Before recording or editing your first video, make sure your tools, equipment, and process are thoroughly planned out. Then, decide where to film, what to film with, and who should do the filming.

You should decide how to frame your video, how to format your scripts, and how to add stylistic touches to your editing process. Remember that you are marketing your professional insight, so you have to decide how you present your firm to your audience.

If you prefer to exclusively make videos with stock images and royalty-free footage—instead of being in front camera yourself—you can always just record yourself reading the script. Just make sure that your visuals are edited in a way that they're still engaging. For example, you can include animations to keep things visually interesting.

3. Use Keywords

Despite being a video-sharing platform, there's still room for a lot of texts on YouTube.

This means that you can still optimize for keywords in the video title, description, and tags.

However, the most competitive keywords used in search engines aren't going to be the same on YouTube. Users type different search terms based on the platform they're on, so you might want to conduct a separate run of keyword research.

This doesn't mean that the keywords you're using to optimize for Google Search are going to waste. YouTube videos can still come up in the Google Video Search, so alternate your keywords to optimize for both.

4. Leverage Your Professional Insight

To get views, you have to give users a reason to watch you and not your competitors. The most obvious (and most marketable) draw would be to emphasize your professional experience.

Unlike typical commentary, yours will be coming from the perspective of a practicing professional who knows the law.

You will be able to offer solutions from an angle different from other content creators, so audiences will have that in mind as they consume your content. Again, there are billions of videos out there, so you should use whatever advantage you have to stand out.

5. Encourage Audience Engagement

Video content is all about keeping the audience's attention as long as possible. One good way to hold that attention encourage them to share their thoughts and opinions in the comment sections.

You can also include brief sections of the video to encourage them to guess the answers to fun trivia. Even when you have to show the correct answer seconds later, it still draws attention and promotes participation.

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6. Don't Forget To Promote Your Law Firm's Website

As mentioned earlier, uploading videos on YouTube to attract them to your law firm is a form of content marketing for lawyers. In this marketing strategy, the high-quality content you make drives traffic by attracting users who need them. If you don't link to your website, all your YouTube Marketing efforts would have gone to waste.

Leave links to your law firm's website in the video and channel descriptions. You can even direct viewers to your landing pages by encouraging them to click the links.

You can also leave links to full articles for each topic you discuss in videos. This promotes your written content and directs interested users who might want to read more.

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