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Content Marketing Is The Primary Source Of High Quality Leads In The Legal Industry. 

Your law firm website content is one of the vital parts of any internet marketing campaign. High-quality and engaging content will attract more client inquiries, engagement, and client referrals, which will possibly turn into a potential lead that will sooner become a long-term client.

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Matt Randall

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Hey, I heard you're looking for an employment discrimination attorney, check out this post I I found

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Maximun Exposure

ABC LAW FIRM -  Monthly Activity

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Control Your Marketing Reach With Informative Law Related Articles

Content marketing is a strategic approach to law firm marketing that focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent law firm website content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

In lawyer SEO, high-quality content is targeted. It knows its audience. It reflects the users' needs and makes itself easy to find and understand. When you invest in law firm content marketing, you win from day one as each article is indexed by search engines, and improves ranking over time.


We'll kick off your campaign by introducing you to the world.

When you order our law firm content marketing service, the first post will feature your law firm and we will include syndication at no additional cost.

This feature post will be published on our network of 200 high-ranking and influential news sites that receive over 100 million visitors every month. 

This will ensure massive exposure for your law firm website and boost search engine rankings that last for months. You will also receive a full report within 7 days, together with the live links. 

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Jennifer Richardson

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I just saw your law firm featured on a FOX news website. Congratulations!! 😍

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83% of consumers trust businesses featured
on major news platforms.


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Kenneth Thigpen

digital marketing for lawyers

I came across your post about wrongful termination. Could we set up a phone consultation?


We'll continue to post relevant and engaging content on your blog once a week. 

Content marketing is a great way to grab attention and stand out as a brand, but your campaign is nothing without consistency.


Even The Content Marketing Institute includes the word ‘consistent’ in its own definition of content marketing.

One of the biggest benefits of consistency with content marketing is improved search engine optimization.

Your Law firm Wins When Clients Share Your Content With Friends And Family


more likely to retain

83% of consumers trust referrals from people they know and are more likely to retain legal services.


higher lifetime value

Referred customers are more loyal and spend 18.2% more than non-referred customers.


higher retention rate

Customers who are referred churn less often and are 5x more likely to refer new customers.

"The buyer's journey is nothing more than a series of questions that must be answered."

JC Serrano


Decreased marketing costs and compounding value. 

Whether you're considering law firm content marketing for the increased traffic, higher conversion rates, or just better relationships with your customers, there's no reason this strategy shouldn't be included in your marketing arsenal. The sooner you start investing in it, the sooner you'll start to see results, and the better results you'll eventually see.

digital marketing for lawyers



digital marketing for lawyers
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Improved brand reputation

When people read your law firm's website content, they'll be building an impression of your brand. If they find what they read helpful, informative, or enlightening, they'll perceive of you as a more trustworthy, established thought leader in the industry.

content marketing for law firms


Higher domain authority.

Writing more high-quality blog content for law firm websites will increase the perceived expertise, authority, relevance, and trust of your site. This also increases your conversion and referral rates.

A higher domain authority correlates strongly with higher search rankings, so the more quality content you produce, the more organic search visibility you'll stand to gain in all areas of your site.

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Tanya Wilx


Great article about how estate planning, let's set up an appointment for this week!! 👋

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Content Marketing Timeline

Creation, publication, and governance of useful, usable content.

Planning to scale up your legal marketing strategy?

Order Our Law Firm Content Marketing Service Now!

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