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Turn Your Law Firm Into A 24-Hour Lead Generation Machine!

Our system has evolved into a customer-centered, consolidated, and interconnected strategy, focusing on a much broader perspective on how potential clients search and look for information. Stop wasting time on going after leads, turn your law firm into a data driven enterprise. 

Law Firm Marketing Guide

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I've been working with the team behind LawyerLeadMachine for several years. We've had many cases of significant value. 

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Engage with potential clients in a different language without hiring extra staff.

We can set up an intake process in a multiple languages. Only potential clients who meet your requirements will move on to the next screening step.


All others will be provided with quality content and resources to help them solve their legal issue. An excellent customer experience is never forgotten.


We'll continue to nurture your contacts until they become clients themselves or when they refer friends or family members. 


93% of customers are likely to engage with a business that offers excellent customer service.

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Your Law Firm Wins When You Provide Value To Your Clients


higher conversions

When you nurture your potential clients over an extended period of time.


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When you provide your clients with valuable and up to date information.


faster connections

Text messaging is the standard for quick and easy interactions.

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How Lead Generation Automation Can Help Your Law Firm.


Lead generation automation is a term used to describe a platform whose main purpose is to automate the lead nurturing process and marketing activities across various channels. Generally, these include repetitive, albeit essential tasks such as screening potential clients, sending email notifications, follow-ups, social media posts and managing and channeling contact information.

When configured correctly, lead generation automation allows law firms to efficiently and effectively generate leads 24 hours a day and nurture prospects at every stage of the customer journey. This allows you, the attorney, to have more time to work with current clients and perform important tasks day to day while leads are being nurtured in the background. 


Lead generation automation also drives more revenue and maximizes ROI – all without having to sacrifice the quality of your work. Through the implementation of streamlined workflows, lead generation automation can help you to achieve more, and a lot faster.

It’s important to know that lead generation automation is not a replacement for you or your skillset. It will simply enhance your existing capabilities.

So what is an example of marketing automation in action?

  • Suppose a user visits your law firms’s website, and downloads a brochure regarding divorce. 

  • Their contact details are sent to your database. From here, you can access information on this lead’s history, demographics, status and all interactions with your law firm.

  • An email notification is then sent to them, thanking them for downloading the brochure. At the same time, this lead is directed to a specific workflow. The content is personalized based on the information you already have regarding the user.

  • Personalized follow-up emails are sent automatically to that same user, all based on their previous actions and interactions with your law firm, and featuring tailored Calls-To-Action.


In this way, lead generation automation can help you to easily nurture a lead with minimum exertion, and increase the chances of conversion. You can do this 24 hours a day, in multiple languages and for different areas of law. 

Interestingly, 60% of law firms currently using this technology say that lead generation automation has increased the quality of their leads 10 fold. This is because the Ai part of the software learns over time and facilitates constant personalization that increases the value and relevancy of your customer interactions.

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