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Lead Generation For Lawyers

Law Firm Marketing Challenges in 2021


Law Firms Have Two Ways Of Generating Leads Online, Each Has It's Own Set Of Challenges. 

Pay Per Click Marketing

Let's start with the challenges of PPC marketing. Did you know that “lawyer” and “attorney” are the two most expensive keywords on Google, some keywords cost over $100 per click for keywords like “los angeles personal injury lawyer” and “criminal defense attorney near me”? Law firms can easily spend $60,000 to $120,000 per month on PPC, according to data available in Google analytics and many experts in the industry. 


A personal injury marketing campaign averages $100 per click for top search positions, that's very hard to stomach if you don't see a return on your investment right away. However, if done well, PPC can be an important source of legal leads and growing your law firm. 


Challenge # 1: Competition for law-related keywords is fierce

High competitive keywords are very expensive. Every lawyer in your local area is bidding on the same search terms so Google is able to increase the bidding prices for each keyword.


Challenge # 2Getting high-quality leads is challenging

Depending on your skill set and area of law you practice, it may be difficult to target the audience you are looking for. Setting up your PPC campaign once and forgetting about it is the wrong way to go. PPC is a dynamic ecosystem that is always changing depending on market trends. Think of the #metoo movement, if you are an employment lawyer, this is a very lucrative keyword that wasn't available before. Being proactive, making constant changes, adjustments and reviewing performance reports are essential to a successful PPC campaign. 


Challenge # 3Account structure and settings are time-consuming. 

A campaign that is set up in a very general way will have a very expensive and avoidable mistake. The more organized your account structure is the better your campaigns will perform. Search engine platforms are set up with a top tier (campaign), second-tier (adgroup) and third-tier (keywords & ads) structure.


Pay attention to your adgroups, if you throw everything into one campaign without spending time organizing the relevance between your keywords and ads, your PPC campaign will generate unnecessary impressions and clicks. The account settings within each campaign have an impact on how, when and where your ads are displayed, which could have an adverse effect on the performance of your campaigns.


Challenge # 4Bidding on law-related keywords is a key component of the PPC formula.

Getting into a “bidding war” is never approach, you don’t have to be the highest bidder to drive the right traffic to your site. You want to use your advertising budget as effectively as possible and have your ads displaying constantly. The key here is to do your keyword research right from the start, look for keywords that have low competition in your local market and make those your priority. 


Challenge # 5: Poor ad copy is a common mistake in PPC marketing.

This is the first thing your potential clients see when search results are in front of them. Poorly written ad content can be the pitfall of a PPC campaign. Well-written ads are clear and specific and include a call to action. Set up different versions of your ad and review results after a few days. make any adjustments as necessary and pause low-performing ads. 


PPC can be a very effective form of advertising, however, it requires time and dedication. Because of the versatility of PPC advertising, problems can be addressed and corrected if they are caught on time.


The Bottom Line

Our team at LawyerLeadMachine has been helping local law firms clients achieve business goals with inbound marketing since 2005. We have the working experience in law firm marketing and local SEO.


Our strategic process helps law firms understand their target audiences, and then develop marketing campaigns and initiatives to deliver on concrete revenue and sales metrics.


The law firms we work with have distinct target customers and defined business goals, and our strategies are tailored to address those needs. Our marketing packages are designed to cover all angles of a successful marketing campaign for maximum reach on every local market.  



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