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How An Effective PPC Campaign Can Help Your Law Firm.

The non-professional approach to setting up a Google Adwords account can significantly reduce the effectiveness of an advertising campaign.


Because the legal field is among the 5 most expensive keywords industry groups, a lawyer PPC campaign can become a money trap if not managed correctly. 


Launching a lawyer PCC campaign successfully takes a multi-faceted strategy. At the core, PPC requires knowing your reports but also takes experience working with legal keywords, queries, creativity, and a high level of skill of the ad platform.


Through our innovative lawyer PPC process, we not only avoid common mistakes but put your campaigns on a strategic path to conversion and ROI.

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PPC Best Practices For Law Firms

How To Run And Measure

A Law Firm PPC Campaign 

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law firm ppc

Local Competition Analysis and Law Firm PPC Campaign Set-Up

An effective law firm PPC campaign must be aimed at the quality of leads over the quantity. 


There are different ways of setting up an effective law firm PPC campaign. Depending on the area of law you practice and your local competition these are the types of keywords that can be used for generating leads:


Broad – “employment lawyer.” You select who will see your ads, and Google delivers broad keywords. The advantage is that you can reach search queries that you were not aware and thus also give deliver the most traffic. The negative side is that this traffic comes with low conversions.


Phrase – “employment lawyer in Los Angeles” You can add geolocation tails to a keyword phrase to narrow your audience. This strategy will decrease traffic but increases your conversion rate.


Exact keywords – “best employment lawyer in Los Angeles” Exact matching keywords provide maximum conversions and click-through ratios for AdWords but it may also divert some useful traffic.

For example, you will miss a client that searches a more general phrase like “employment lawyer in LA” or "employment lawyer near LA". Depending on your budget and strategy, different types of keyword types can be strategically implemented to make a PPC campaign more efficient.


Here are some useful tips when setting up a PPC law firm marketing campaign:


PPC Law Firm Marketing Tip # 1


If your PPC marketing budget is limited, use 20% phrase and 80% exact keywords. You will not get as many leads but this strategy will keep your campaign within budget and lower your cost per lead. 


PPC Law Firm Marketing Tip # 2


For law firms with bigger marketing budgets, the best strategy to maximize your leads is by using 60% broad, 20% exact, and 20% phrase keywords. This set-up will cost more but it will generate more high-quality leads if the right keywords are implemented in the campaign. 


PPC Law Firm Marketing Tip # 3


For established law firms with healthy marketing budgets the best strategy is 25% broad, 25% phrase, and 50% exact. This ratio optimizes marketing costs and leads to a large amount of targeted traffic.


Regardless of the strategy, keyword research for law firms is an important component of the equation. The difference between a website that gets lots of traffic and one that gets none is in the keywords that you use both on your SEO strategy and PPC.


By using effective keyword research tools you can determine popular keywords in your local market, find related queries, rank well in search engines for specific topics to drive traffic to your site and promote your law firm by enhancing your marketing effectiveness.














Launching Your Law Firm PPC Campaign

We use local market analytics and campaign design specific to the legal industry to ensure that you not only compete, but you can leverage from what other law firms are doing wrong. Your law firm PPC campaign will have an advantage before potential clients click on your ads. From day one, we will monitor all activity on your campaign, analyze reports and traffic behavior to make sure your ads outperform your competition. 


ppc management for lawyers

Law Firm PPC Optimization Strategy

Proper PPC campaign optimization is an important key to success. For this reason, we use our multi-step, strategic target process on every account to deliver maximum ROI.


1. Research & Pre-Optimization

We design your campaigns by using a unique pre-optimization process to launch ahead of your competition from the get-go. This strategy saves you money right before the ads are even activated.


2. Search Term Optimization

In our second step of optimization, we continue to tweak campaigns to make sure that we’re only targeting the right audience in your local market.


3. Traffic Funneling

As we start to gather data, we divide and categorize adgroups to focus on the right prospects. This not only increases the click-through rate "CTR" but lowers cost per click "CPC".


4. Performance Enhancement

After enough activity has been recorded on the platform, we can identify what keywords must be eliminated and which ones are driving traffic. We then optimize all adgroups accordingly.


5. Scale

PPC is a work in progress and must be managed at all times to find more winning combinations, the testing never stops. We keep alternating ads until the new variation beats the winner. With time, your ads will get better as we find new opportunities. This allows us to scale your adgroups at the maximum ROI.


Performance Transparency

Our team will deliver weekly activity reports of everything that’s happening in your campaign, as well as monthly audits to review your account's performance to find new opportunities to scale your campaigns. 


ppc management for lawyers
ppc services for lawyers

Your Personal Account Manager

An account manager will be assigned to your account to make sure all aspects of your campaign are running at top performance. Your account manager will be in constant communication with a Google Adwords certified specialist assigned to your campaign to monitor the progress. You'll receive performance reports and account activity over time. 


How To Get Started

Step 1
Choose Your Package

Once you determine your budget and goals, choose the best package for your law firm's lead generation campaign.

Step 4
Campaign Activation

Upon your confirmation and approval, we'll launch your campaign and start monitoring the activity. 

Step 2

This is where you grant us access to your Google account or create one if this is your first time using Adwords.

Step 5
Daily Monitoring

As the campaign generates data and traffic patterns, we use our multi-step optimization process to ensure maximum performance.

Step 3
Campaign Set-Up

We'll execute a comprehensive local market analysis, keyword research, ad copy design, tracking parameters and more.

Step 6

Your PPC campaign will continue to evolve over time. As your competitors will always try to overrank you, we will be ahead of the curve implementing new strategies.

Law Firm PCC

Management Pricing

NOTE: Ad Spend is paid directly to Google Adwords.
LawyerLeadMachine only collects monthly management fees.


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Law Firm PPC Frequent Questions

Do I need to grant you access to my Google Ad Account?

Yes, you do. We will need your 10 digit account ID. Once we have your Google Acct. ID we will send a request to access your account.


What happens if I don’t have a Google Ad Account?

If you don’t have a Google Ad Account, you can set one up in a few minutes.


How much do I need to invest in a PPC campaign?

You can spend as little or as much as you wish. We do need your feedback, at the beginning of the setup process to make sure we are in the same frequency. After that, it's not necessary to chat frequently as we will be sending out a weekly report on your campaign activity and performance.


How does pricing work?

Our different tiers a designed based on your total Ad words budget. You must pay the actual ad spend directly to Google, we charge the management fee on a monthly basis.


Do you keep my credit card on file for ad spend?

No, we don't. Your credit card information is safely stored in your Google account and they process payments directly as your account accrues charges. 


Will I receive any progress reports?

Absolutely, we have a 100% transparency policy with all our clients. You can easily access your account dashboard at any time to check your account's performance. Additionally, you’ll receive weekly personalized reports from your campaign manager.


Do you take care of the keyword research or do I need to do that?

We take care of everything from keyword research to local competitor analysis. When you place your order, we will ask you for keywords you want to target and we use those as a guide to search for more opportunities. 


How do I know what my monthly budget should be?

You can get a rough estimate by using the following formula:


(Number of Leads Goal * Average CPC) / Landing Page Conversion Rate = Monthly Budget


Where will the ads show up?

Currently, our PPC managed services offer placement on the Google search network and display network.


Will I be able to access Google the account?

Of course, you will have access to your account at all times and check what's going on with your campaigns. 

Do I own the ad account?

Absolutely, 100%

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