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LawyerLeadMachine offers a powerful ranking tool designed to boost your lawyer SEO and conquer your local market through citations. This is where most lawyer SEO services fail and where we succeed.


Our citation building process is data-driven, based on crawling results of hundreds of top-ranking Google pages. If it doesn't crush your lawyer SEO rankings head-on, we'll leave it alone. 


  • Backed by data based on years of testing and lawyer SEO campaigns.

  • Personalized campaign for each lawyer SEO approach, we don't use templates as each local market is different. 

  • Transparent, detailed and comprehensive reporting.

  • You own everything we build, profiles, login access, data, content, etc.

  • Our detailed citation audit lets you know how to reach lawyer SEO supremacy in your local market. 

  • Solid, valuable, rich citations show Google you are the real deal. no water-down, weak, spammy B.S.

  • Long-term, consistent local lawyer SEO ranking.

  • Compatible with our link building strategy. 

  • Reach local authority in your area of law.

  • Resilient citation building strategy, even in the most competitive local markets.

  • Designed specifically for competitive legal industry niches.

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Social Citations

Full Citation Audit

A full citation audit is the most important and first step of a successful local SEO campaign. The audit report reveals exactly where you stand, what needs to be done, who your competitors are and most importantly, it will save you money by avoiding common mistakes.  


The citation audit is a very thorough process where we sort correct and incorrect citations, duplicate citations and broken citations. We use the citation audit report as a guide to implement an effective campaign

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Local Citation Building

Local directory citations are the cream of the crop when it comes to local SEO. We manually submit citations in the best directories relevant to your local market. 


We don't just use a standard list of directories, every local market is different and we will be ahead of the curve by using 3 strategies for selecting which directories are more efficient for each law firm. 

1. Ego directories: Traffic dense, the most popular, authority directories.


2. Competitor directories: We use your keywords to analyze what citations are most relevant for the legal industry in your local market and your specific SERPs. 

3. Competitor review directories: We dissect local competitor reviews to find trusted and Google-friendly directories.

We'll claim all the most relevant, and important directories in your area. In some cases, a citation must be verified by the client by phone or other methods. We'll provide you detailed instructions and a comprehensive report upon completion. 

Media Citations

We boost your local citation campaign with rich, relevant, geo-tagged photos and videos from rich media sources. Our team will design and create a clean, straight forward whiteboard-style videos with music, text, and pictures.


The videos are fully optimized for the legal industry and relevant to your specific skillset and geo-meta tags. Upon completion, we submit them to the best video hosting providers thus creating powerful links and local citations. 


We'll also request a set of branded pictures from you which we use to increase exposure. Before submitting these to the top hosting sources, we'll optimize each photo including geo-meta data and create more citations and links to increase local authority. 

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Social Citations

Social media is changing the way we live and interact with one another. Recent data reveals that one-third of the global population, are active social media users.


The number of social media users rose by 21% in January 2017 from a year before. One of the main reasons for social media explosion is the popularity of smartphones. 


In this phase, we create manual submissions by adding media and rich content which results in high authority, links, and local citations. 



One-Time Citation Campaign

Packages & Pricing


Full Citation Audit

30 Local Directory Citations

5 Photos x 3 Photo Platforms




Full Citation Audit

30 Local Directory Citations

10 Photos x 3 Photo Platforms

5 Videos Submitted To Video Sharing Platforms




Full Citation Audit

50 Local Directory Citations

10 Photos x 5 Photo Platforms

5 Videos Submitted To 5 Video Sharing Platforms

5 Social Media Submissions




Full Citation Audit

90 Local Directory Citations

10 Photos x 10 Photo Platforms

5 Videos Submitted To 10 Video Sharing Platforms

15 Social Media Submissions



Put Your Lawyer SEO Citation Campaign in Auto-Pilot

With Our Monthly Recurring Program 



Full Citation Audit

10 Local Directory Citations

20 Photo, Video Or Social Citations

Duplicate Monitoring



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Why Law Firms Should Consider 

A Local Citation Campaign For Lawyer SEO

The Importance of Citations For A Local Lawyer SEO Strategy


In this age of fierce competition (especially in the legal industry), law firms are always searching for every opportunity to push them ahead of their competition. While many law firms ignore citations, they can actually help by bringing in more potential clients in your area.


Let’s go over citations in more detail and discuss how they can help you grow your legal practice.


What is a citation?


A citation is any mention of you or your law firm on the Internet, in any form.


It can be:


  • Mentioning your law firm in a discussion.

  • Your brand, address, and telephone number.

  • Your website's URL

  • A review

  • Any media uploaded online and properly tagged.

  • Discussion forum participation

  • Any media properly tagged


Even the phone number alone will work as a citation. A citation including all your contact information is known as a complete citation, anything missing will be considered a partial citation. For a citation to be effective to the success of your local lawyer SEO campaign, it is crucial that the citation matches your name, address and phone number on your website. The format doesn’t matter here, but picking a format and being consistent is very important.


How Google interprets a citation and why it helps your lawyer SEO


Citations are one of the main factors Google considers when ranking law firms in local searches. To Google, it is logical that law firms which are mentioned frequently on the Internet deserve a better ranking position than other law firms that aren’t mentioned at all.


Google uses these citations to confirm the accuracy of local listings as well, as listings frequently contain outdated information. If the name and contact information is verified from there, Google will be more likely to show your information on local searches.


Last but not least, citations boost awareness about your law firm and help more potential clients reach you for a legal consultation. The more high-quality citations you get over time, the higher the chances of generating leads.


Quality vs Quantity


In short, it’s important to have both quality AND quantity.  If you have quantity without quality, then it's very likely that you’ll be far behind your competition in search results. This is also true if you have quality without quantity.


The volume depends on your industry and competition. The quality depends primarily on conducting a comprehensive analysis or audit prior to your citation campaign. In the case of the legal industry, local citations must be done consistently and correctly to be very effective


Effective Pay Per Click Campaigns Yield Immediate Results

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Your digital consultant will also be able to kickstart campaigns and maximise your marketing budget.


Effective Pay Per Click Campaigns Yield Immediate Results