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For Law Firms

What we'll cover:

The way products and services are marketed has changed since the rise of internet usage.


People are now spending more and more time online than they've ever been before. 


For Law Firms

local seo for law firms

Local SEO 

For Law Firms

What we'll cover:

While Search Engine Optimization can be universally beneficial to anyone who integrates it into their marketing strategies, a lot of it can be fine-tuned to fit your law firm.

Content Marketing 

For Law Firms

What we'll cover:

Internet culture has become so heavily integrated into our daily lives. This isn’t the era from twenty or ten years ago, where DSL access was less common (and not as fast!) and internet culture hasn’t encroached into our mainstream vocabulary. 

On Page SEO

For Law Firms

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What we'll cover:

You might know what you’re going to put out. You might have a slew of ideas on the kind of high-quality content you want to produce on a regular basis. You might already be aware of the keywords you want to rank high on the Google searches.


> Full Use Of Your Title Tags

> Try Predicting Searchers Intent

> Refresh Older Content

> Writing The Best Headlines

> Keyword Analytics

> Keyword Cannibalization

> Reorganize Your Website

> Audit Your Site Regularly

> Optimize Your Images


"A positive brand image can undoubtedly influence a consumer's decision to retain your legal services - and, for virtually every law firm, a positive brand image starts online."​