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6 YouTube Marketing Tips For Law Firms

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Content Marketing For Lawyers On YouTube

Content marketing isn't just legal blogging. You can post content wherever you want on the internet, as long as they point back to your website. That said, you can definitely apply basic content marketing rules to YouTube, and it can help introduce your law firm to new audiences who might otherwise not find you in the search results.

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There's a rising number of professionals who market their practice by uploading informative vlogs and documentaries. Of course, YouTube has its own rules and algorithm, but if you manage to build an audience, you can bring some traffic back to your law firm website.

Below are few handy tips for lawyers who might want to start uploading legal content on YouTube:

1. Offer Valuable Content

While YouTube is most known for its entertainment aspects, it also has a lot of informative videos on every imaginable topic. For lawyers, having high-quality content enables you to be more competitive among other lawyers and firms, and appealing to users.

Remember: Video content still has to be engaging, though. So make sure your uploads strike a balance between informative and engaging. You don't want to bore viewers; otherwise, you won't get the proper watch time to rank for YouTube's own search page.

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2. Write Relevant Titles

The title of your video should act as a teaser for viewers, entice them to press the play button, but it shouldn't be clickbait. That said, you should also find a way for your titles to be specific to the topic you're discussing in the video. Users don't like clickbait, so if your titles are too general, irrelevant, or confusing, they won't stick around to watch the entire video.

Remember: You should definitely do keyword research for your titles and video ideas. The higher the search volume, the more relevant (and clickable) your YouTube legal content is.

3. Make Playlists

For the most part, a lot of Lawyer SEO basics apply to YouTube: keywords, relevance, consistent content, tags, and so on. However, one of the most important ranking factors on Youtube is watch time. This means that the more people watch, the higher your chances of getting recommended and ranking high in the searches.

Because every video in a playlist auto-plays, grouping related videos together in a playlist not only helps you manage your content better, but also boosts the overall watch time. If you've made (or planning to make) a series or multiple videos about a specific area of law (i.e., discussing personal injury laws), put them in the playlist for easy access. Instead of leaving your viewers to find related content on their own, have it ready for them instead.

Remember: Playlists also show up in the searches.

4. Use The Tags

Video tags let the algorithm know what your video is all about. So when a user types certain keywords into the search bar, YouTube will know if your videos are relevant to what they're looking for.

In short, video tags are used to help with your videos' discoverability. If you can't find a way to insert an important high-volume keyword into your title, try incorporating them into your tags.

5. Engage With Viewers In The Comments

Another ranking factor on YouTube is engagement—this includes likes, comments, and shares. Replying to comments often encourages viewers to read, reply, and write their own. When someone's confused or asking you questions, respond to them. If the video doesn't cover the topic as extensively as one of your blog posts did, give them a link to the complete legal guide.

Remember: You don't have to write long essays. You can always express gratitude or show appreciation for someone's else input.

And if you still don't want to reply to comments, you can always "like" one.

6. Audit Your Channel

As you would on your Law Firm's website, one important task is to audit any website, account, or platform you implement your Lawyer SEO strategies to.

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Doing so can help with the following:

  • Identifying what your audience wants

  • Seeing your YouTube stats overtime

  • Identifying the videos that don't do well

  • Finding which keywords are getting you the most views

  • See how you stack up with your competitors

  • Finding new ideas for videos

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