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Elements Of An SEO Friendly Law Firm Website

How To Best Set Up Your Website For Lawyer SEO

Your law firm's website is more than just a space for your law firm's information. It can also attract new potential clients for your law firm. Instead of just getting attention from people you give your URL to, it can be people's first introduction to your law firm without anyone telling them to look you up.

This is precisely the goal of Lawyer SEO. If you follow Google's list of essential elements of a good website, you can rank high in the searches and extend your reach. Since there's a lot of traffic on the search results page, getting a page of your website ranking high can get you a lot of traffic and exposure.

That said, what does it take to be a high-ranking website? Here are some of the most crucial factors that all SEO friendly websites have:

essential elements of a good website

1. A Good Site Structure

You want your site layout and pages organized and well-optimized. Not only is this crucial for your site visitors, but it's also a way to set up your law firm's website for easy crawling and indexing. An SEO-friendly design is beneficial to both your site visitors and search engine crawlers alike.

Remember: Crawlers go through your website and use the information to rank your law firm's website among competitors.

Search engine algorithms are less likely to rank you high if your website is confusing, disorganized, and error-ridden. This is because search engine prioritizes giving their users the best experience, so the algorithm makes sure they're sending their users to sites that'll help them instead of frustrate or confuse them.

2. A Great Internal Linking Structure

Internal links are a way to navigate your law firm's website. They're also a way to clue the user or crawlers in on the information of a linked page. So, make sure you pay attention to your anchor texts and avoid spamming links.

Remember: This should also work alongside your site structure. The more links pointing to a page, the more important it is (i.e., most internal links point back to the homepage).

Since links are crawled, they're also a way for search engines to discover your pages. Use links and anchor texts to lead crawlers and contextualize the contents of your pages.

law firms website

3. User-Friendly Design

User-friendliness is a crucial characteristic of an SEO-friendly site. As mentioned, Google and other search engines want to give their users the best results on the SERPs. This means they're also looking out for websites that users might find difficulty using.

Remember: If your website is slow, poorly-designed, and hard to navigate, people are more likely to just click off. If people leave immediately after clicking on your website, Google and other search engines will count this as a "bounce". A higher bounce rate indicates that users do not get what they need from your website.

Additionally, you also want to check for readability. So don't use hyper-stylized text, crowded text layouts, bad color schemes, or too many pop-ups. After all, if people don't read your content, you won't be gaining trust or generating leads for your law firm.

Finally, make sure your website is mobile-friendly. A crucial practice of SEO for law firm websites is to always consider mobile users. After all, many people are browsing the internet through their phones. If your law firm's website is only optimized for a wider desktop screen ratio, it'll be much harder to use on a smaller screen.

5. High-Quality Content

Finally, you want to have great content for your law firm's website. Again, a search engine's goal is to give its users the best results. Therefore, anything with poor grammar, insufficient information, spam, or generally unhelpful content will not rank very high in the SERPs.

This is why attorney website SEO strategies always emphasize content quality over quantity. Of course, you want to make sure you're regularly posting content. However, you should still make sure you have enough time to plan, research, write, and proofread every blog and landing page you publish.

attorney website seo

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