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Easy Ways To Get Family Law Leads For Your Law Firm

Find Family Law Clients Through Lawyer Marketing

When people look for lawyers, they don't just look up general terms like "lawyers" and "attorneys". They might, at first, but chances are, they'll end up looking for "divorce lawyers", "child support attorneys", and "child custody law firm" instead. Making sure you're optimizing for a potential client's specific needs is how you generate leads for specific cases.

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Below are the easiest methods to generate Family Law Clients for your Law Firm.

One of the most effective (and most popular) ways to drive site visitors to your website is through search engine optimization (SEO). When done right, the ROI from Lawyer SEO can build up over time.

A lot of people use search engines to find products, local businesses, and services. Because using the internet has become more ingrained into our daily lives, it makes sense that people start looking for legal information on search engines like Google.

For Example:

When a user enters "Family Lawyer" into the search bar, they expect to get a list of relevant results that will give them what they want: a Family Law Attorney. These searchers are most likely to click on the first results they see, so getting your law firm's pages to rank high boosts your chances of getting traffic.

You rank high by doing several Lawyer SEO tactics and strategies that increase your domain authority, content quality, and keyword relevance.

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2. Getting Reviews

Reviews are a type of social proof. They're a way to prove your law firm's legitimacy and professional skill and can shape your firm's online reputation.

For Example:

If you've already set up a Google My Business listing, your law firm's name and contact information will show up alongside your Google Reviews. Business and product review platforms are also frequented by users looking to validate their decision-making.

When users look to hire a lawyer, they want assurance of the lawyer's skill. After all, litigation and legal matters are a big deal. Additionally, they'll be working with their chosen attorneys for an extended amount of time. This is why they need to know how your law firm operates and how well you've handled previous clients before.

3. Post Legal Blogs And Articles

The internet has made access to information easy, fast, and free. You may receive hundreds of related articles and results on any topic you can think of by simply typing keywords into search engines.

This means people are constantly using search engines to find valuable and educational material. Content Marketing is a strategy that acknowledges this fact and uses it to drive traffic to your law firm.

Here's how Content Marketing works:

  • You create high-quality and educational blogs that will be useful to those looking for them.

  • These blogs are non-promotional but link back to your domain.

  • The users you attract to your content can be introduced or linked to information about your law firm and your legal practice.

Blogging may yield substantial, measurable benefits when done correctly, but if you need more proof, consider why so many law firms (and other businesses) have spent so much time and money on their blogs and websites. It's because it brings good ROI.

Remember: Merely writing and posting a blog doesn't guarantee all the benefits. You have to do it right through a combination of Content Marketing, Lawyer SEO, and other digital marketing strategies.

4. Email Lists And Newsletters

Past clients that you've successfully helped get through some of their most difficult situations in life are your biggest fans and supporters. In addition, many family law companies have experienced significant growth due to the multiplier effects that recommendations can have.

Start a newsletter or an email list to keep these past clients informed and aware of you. Send your emails strategically, and offer them something valuable, like new information and educational content.

Examples of content you can write for your newsletters are as follows:

  • Write articles about the struggles of divorce and how to overcome them

  • Compiling research studies about child support

  • Writing basic tips on adoptions

  • Writing encouraging advice to single parents raising their children

The more valuable your content is to them, the more likely they will remember you and recommend you and your law firm to their friends and colleagues.

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5. Post Valuable Legal Content On Social Media

A lot of lawyers include social media as a marketing tool. And why not? You can share information about important case wins, articles, awards and recognition, community news, and offer valuable information for persons dealing with family law concerns.

Here are a few essential tips on Social Media Marketing:

  • Post high-quality, valuable content

  • Don't just post promotional content

  • Optimize posts for the right keywords and hashtags

  • Set a regular posting schedule

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