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4 Google My Business Management Tips For Law Firms

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Google My Business Features You Should Keep An Eye On

Setting up your Google My Business (GMB) Listing already helps with your Local SEO. However, your GMB account is more than just a listing of your most important business details.

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While ranking well in global search results is important for any business, local SEO can be just as important for traffic, brand awareness, and conversions. Below are a few Lawyer SEO management tips to help you maximize your Google My Business account.

1. Google My Business Insights

Yes, it is possible to do a Google My Business audit to see how your listing is doing. Insights provides you the following helpful information:

  • How people found your GMB listing. Insights can tell you how people find you: whether it's through direct searches, discovery, or branded searches.

  • Where they found you on google. Google can give you data on whether they went through the searches or the maps.

  • Customer behavior. You'll find out how customers and viewers interact with your GMB listings. These may include the following interactions:

    • Clicking on the link to your website

    • Request bookings

    • Call your business number

    • View your photos

All these search queries and interactions stats can also be categorized based on the device people use to view or interact with your listing. You can get data from desktop searchers, mobile users, and the total of both.

These types of information can really help you with Lawyer SEO auditing. That way, you'll know how to better optimize your GMB account.

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2. Messages

Google has started allowing users who are seeing your listing to send you direct messages. You don't get them via email or SMS; instead, it'll be on your GMB account's messaging feature.

You only need to download the Google My Business app from the App Store or Google Play:

  • Choose the platform where you want to accept messages

  • Click on "Customers"

  • Click on "Messages"

  • Select "Turn On"

Your client's text messages are routed through a Google-owned mobile phone number, and it's the only method to answer is through your Google My Business account. When a visitor leaves a message, you should receive an SMS message notification, but you can also read all of them by logging into your Google My Business account.

3. Bookings

If you optimized and managed your Google My Business listing right, you'll start to get a steady influx of traffic and new clients. However, you can boost the existing traffic you have by allowing potential clients to book an appointment with your firm from the GMB listing itself.

Remember: Making it easy to contact and interact with your firm can encourage clients to do more. You make it as easy for your clients to book appointments as possible.

You can do this by using Google's Bookings button in your GMB listing:

  • Select office location you want to enable

  • Enable bookings

  • Select one of Google's preferred Booking agents

Once you get bookings through your listing, they'll be made and scheduled automatically through the partner agent you selected. The appointment will also appear on your team's calendar if you've linked your Google Calendar with your listing.

4. Reviews

Clients can leave Google Reviews that show up on your Google My Business Listing. Reviews can show other potential clients that your law firm is reputable and trustworthy. Allowing your clients to leave a review might also increase your social proof and persuade more future clients to visit your firm.

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Google Reviews are one of the first things people see when they search for your business, and they're directly linked to your Google My Business listing.

Monitoring your reviews can let you know whether you need more of them, how many you need to respond to, and see if you are—possibly—getting Negative SEO attacks from malicious entities.

Remember: There have been cases of entities spamming other listings with negative reviews as a way to pull their ratings, so look out for those.

LawyerLeadMachine Can Help With Google My Business Management

Lawyer SEO can help your law firm build social proof, boost traffic, and expand local exposure. In general, Google My Business is a great way to target nearby clients.

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