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How Law Firms Post On Google My Business Listing

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

With Google's popularity among users, all the services and features associated with it naturally become viable ways to boost Lawyer SEO. Google My Business (GMB) is perfect for business and Local SEO for lawyers.

So, what's so good about GMB, and how can you get started? Here's a quick guide on GMB, as it would be utilized by a digital marketing agency for attorneys to its fullest extent.

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Why GMB Is Great For Lawyer SEO

If you do a quick search of "lawyers near me" right now, you'll see a listing at the top of your Google Search Results. Potential clients will see the same thing. If you specify a specific location, the listings will change depending on the address.

So, if someone's looking for a nearby law firm to go to, they'll usually find it on the listing. Not to mention, searches done through Voice Search will often pull up GMB listings, too.

One of the main advantages of setting up your law firm's GMB account is local visibility. Your competitors will most likely have their listing up there, and if not, then you should take one step ahead.

More importantly, GMB listings will show important information about your firm, including:

  • Law firm name

  • Office address

  • Contact numbers

  • Email

  • Website

  • Operating or opening hours

  • Google Reviews

  • Images

Potential clients are essentially getting an overview of your law firm. If they don't make their decisions based on the information on the listings, they could always click on your website and access your blog and other information from there.

That's why it's considered one of the best law firm marketing strategies for small law firms. It's fairly accessible marketing for small law firms, immediately improving your local visibility just from having a profile set up.

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How to Create Law Firm GMB Account

Here's how to claim your Google business listing if you haven't already (If you already claimed your law firm listing, skip to the optimization tips). While some GMB features might change, the general process remains simple:

  1. Open Google My Business

  2. Select "Manage Now" from the drop-down menu.

  3. Click "Next" after entering your law firm's name.

  4. Fill in your address.

  5. Make a decision on your major business category.

  6. Enter your phone number.

  7. Add the link to your website.

After entering the above information, you still need to verify your listing.

Remember: Lawyer digital marketing is all about optimization. So, make sure you input all necessary information. The more complete your profile is, the more useful and trustworthy its going to be.

Verify Your Law Firm's GMB Listing

There are two ways to verify your law firm's Google My Business listing:

  • Mail Verification. Google will mail a postcard to the address you provided. Once it arrives (usually within a week), you'll log back into your Google My Firm dashboard and enter the code to verify your business.

  • Phone Verification. If you're eligible, your profile will include the option to "Verify by phone." You'll get an automated call with a verification code if you click the "Verify now" link.

You'll be able to respond to reviews and make changes to your business information once it's been confirmed.

Remember: You may not receive the postcard or experience other verification issues. If you're having trouble, the best thing you can do is reach out to Google My Business assistance on Twitter.

How To Update Your Law Firm's GMB Listing

It's now time to work on improving your Google My Business profile. First, log in to your GMB dashboard and select your company.

Remember: Fill out as much information as you can because your GMB profile sends essential details about your lawyer straight to Google—and the ideal Lawyer SEO approach is to provide as much information as possible.

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Furthermore, the more full and accurate your Google My Business page is, the more likely you appear in local searches. The following are the elements you want to improve:

  1. Stick to your law firm's real name. Adding more keywords violates Google's Terms of Service and may result in your listing being penalized.

  2. Include a phone number from the area. Again, it's a major ranking factor that you're a legitimate local firm.

  3. Make sure your business hours are right. People will want to know when they can make calls or walk in.

  4. Create a compelling description. Make it known who you are. That said, because the description does not affect how you rank in searches, don't stuff this with keywords.

  5. Upload high-resolution images. This is an opportunity to show your office, colleagues, and the landmarks near you.

  6. If you have videos, upload them. Videos must be 30 seconds or less and under 100 megabytes.

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