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How To Choose The Best Illinois Law Firm Keywords

Boost Illinois Lawyer SEO With The Right Keywords

Keywords are an essential part of Search Engine Optimization for Lawyers. The keywords you implement are what you want to be found for in search engines. Therefore, choosing irrelevant and low-volume keywords won't yield the maximum ROI that you could have.

So, what are the kinds of keywords you should be looking at? How does the type of keyword contribute to your Illinois Law Firm SEO? Let's take a look:

Illinois Attorney SEO Keyword Selection Checklist

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So, what types of Law Firm SEO keywords are the most beneficial to your Illinois Attorney Marketing? Here's what our SEO experts have to say:

1. Ensure Keyword Relevancy

The content on your law firm website, especially the landing page, should be directly related to the keywords you use. It's easy to become preoccupied with trying to rank for particular keywords when conducting keyword research. However, you should also pay attention to the search intent associated with your target keyword.

Remember: When people use search engines, they use particular keywords to get the exact content or information they need. You don't want people to click on your pages and be disappointed with the content they come across. This is bad for Law Firm SEO.

So, don't use keywords just because they're high-volume or easy to rank for. Generally speaking, your website will rank higher for a certain keyword the better it responds to a query. You can conduct basic research using an SEO tool like Google Ads' keyword planner, which is free.

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2. Check For Search Volumes

Average monthly search volume is the second crucial element in choosing keywords. The keyword search volume indicates the number of people who have searched for a specific keyword in the last month. The higher the search volumes, the more people are using it in their searches.

However, this also means more competition. Since high-volume searches yield the most ROI, it will be harder to rank for them.

Remember: If thousands of people are vying for the top spot on the SERPs, it will be challenging for small Illinois law firms or new websites. In addition, due to the increased keyword difficulty, your site will require a high level of domain authority (as well as backlinks pointing to your content) to rank well.

This doesn't mean you should give up on high-volume or high-competition keywords, but it's also crucial that you know what you're going up against. So audit your Illinois Law Firm SEO, aim to outdo your competition, and regularly produce high-quality content to start climbing up the SERPs.

3. Try Long-Tail Keywords

If ranking for high-volume keywords is challenging, you can optimize for long-tail and less competitive keywords. Long-tail keywords typically have lower search numbers than head keywords, so it's much easier to climb up the rankings. This can be advantageous for small Illinois law firms and freshly launched websites that still attempt to make a name for themselves online.

Your chances of ranking higher are better since long-tail keyword searches are less crowded than head-keyword searches. For small law firms and Search Engine Optimization for Lawyers newbies, it's preferable to rank high across multiple SERPs with lower search volume than to be buried in high-volume keywords.

Think of it as your stepping stone. You want to start slow by ranking in multiple long-tail keywords, then watch your page climb up the high-volume keywords as your Domain Authority (DA), backlink profile, content, and Illinois Lawyer SEO website improve.

4. Check Mobile Search Keywords

More and more people use their phones to access the internet. Google also keeps up with these mobile searchers; that's why every Lawyer SEO expert will advise you to rank for mobile-first keywords.

Remember: If you're using mobile-first keywords, you'll also want to ensure your law firm website is ready for mobile searches. If not optimized, a website that looks great on a desktop will look terrible and be buggy on smaller mobile screens.

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