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3 Tips On How To Get Personal Injury Clients

Updated: May 7, 2022

The Easiest Ways For Law Firms To Generate Personal Injury Leads

Personal Injury firms get a lot of traction on the search results. Personal Injury is such a common legal concern due to its broad definition. Clients can range from simple Slip and Fall cases to devastating Catastrophic Personal Injury cases. That said, despite the high search volumes, your firm still needs to find ways to attract this specific client demographic.

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People seek out lawyers for different reasons. While any traffic is beneficial to your website, you want it to come from individuals who are most likely to hire you. In theory, you can write about divorce processes in your state, get a few people coming to your site the read about it, but if you don't offer any Family Law services, those site visitors will go somewhere else.

Remember: The main goal of Lawyer SEO is not to boost traffic but conversions. High traffic helps ranking factors, but conversions expand your client base.

1. Publish Content Related To Personal Injury Law

If you have a legal blog, your firm can leverage it for content marketing. You can do so by creating helpful legal content that potential clients might find valuable or useful to them.

When people use search engines to look up law-related content, they are looking for solutions to problems. Getting information about the problem or purchasing items and services to address it is generally enough to solve it.

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Legal material (such as manuals, summaries, how-tos, and infographics) draws users who may already be looking for it. Therefore, users will see your blog entries as relevant search results.

You should start by writing blogs and creating content for Personal Injury cases to attract target clients. First, address the basics, keywords, and respond to frequently asked questions.

You can also start writing about specific situations such as vehicle accidents, bus accidents, plane accidents, slip and falls, and so on. You'll reach a wider audience by catering to consumers who search for specific accidents and negligence claims related to their current situation.

2. Use Personal Injury Keywords

Keywords are what get your content found in search engines. Some keywords are more frequently used than others, so they have high search volumes—which means more people might see your posts if you optimized for them.

When conducting keyword research, consider making a list of keywords for each practice area your law firm handles or specializes in. This means that if your law firm takes both Personal Injury and Labor Law claims, you should have a different set of keywords for each one.

Although more general, global keywords like "Lawyer" and "California Attorney" have higher search volumes; they're often too broad of a keyword. Not only is it much harder to compete for rankings, but you also might not be able to be specific enough in your optimizations. If you want more Personal Injury Leads, target the keywords used by the people interested in them.

Remember: Related keywords can also refer to the same thing, although worded or phrased differently. Try using them across different blog posts and content.

3. Local SEO

Your Law Firm Marketing Strategy needs to target the people within your locale. People that live or work in your state are more likely to seek out your firm for legal services.

While having a significant internet presence isn't a bad thing, ignoring Local SEO will limit the effectiveness of your marketing plan. Furthermore, search engines like Google already prioritize giving searchers relevant results. So if someone types "Personal Injury Lawyer," it's likely that they'll get results for Personal Injury Attorneys within their state or city.

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Searchers might even localize their keywords themselves. This is especially true if the user is already looking to hire an attorney, so they'll consciously specify their searches to find local results.

Remember: Google's algorithm is also capable of anticipating what a user is looking for. So, if a potential client searches for a keyword that includes "Near Me," Google will determine their area and return firms that have successfully localized their SEO.

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