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How To Grow A Law Firm: Digital Marketing For Lawyers

Updated: May 11, 2022

Digital Marketing Tips For Law Firms

As everybody knows, the best way to grow a law firm is to get clients and build your reputation. The better your law firm's reputation, the more people will come to you or refer you to friends and family.

However, it's not that simple. Getting more clients isn't a simple feat in the competitive legal service industry, especially for small law firms.

Fortunately, law firm digital marketing has allowed smaller firms an opportunity to market themselves. Law firms can build and manage websites, implement Lawyer SEO strategies, generate leads, and build their reputation with little to no monetary cost.

So, go over some essential tips on growing your firm through digital law firm marketing:

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1. Build You Branding

As mentioned, the legal niche is a competitive market. Therefore, the only way to get noticed and gain visibility is to stand out in one way or another.

So, what's your brand? Are you focused on Personal Injury claims in Orange County? Do you take mostly female clients? Do you specialize in family law?

There are several ways to show branding. First, you can incorporate them into brand goals, color schemes, and brand tone. For example, if you're a more aggressive criminal defense lawyer, you'll want to write more straightforward and professional content. Likewise, if you're going to brand yourself as a more carefree lawyer, you can write more informal blogs in laidback tones.

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2. Build A Website

While we're talking about building a brand, a great way to show off that brand is to incorporate that into your website. You can develop and design the look and feel of your site and include an informative blog written in a way that best represents your law firm.

Remember: Think of your law firm's website as an online calling card. It should be the central space where people can learn more about your law firm, who you are, and what you do.

That said, don't just build a website and leave it be. Websites don't miraculously get traffic as soon as it goes live. Instead, you need to implement Lawyer SEO and other law firm marketing strategies to get some eyes and traffic on your site.

3. Run A Legal Blog

A great way to boost your online visibility and implement Lawyer SEO is through legal blogging. By writing high-quality content, you attract people who might need it.

Here's an easier way to explain how this works:

When someone looks something up on search engines, they have a certain need. That "need" could vary from simple information to a specific product.

For example, if someone looks up "what is the statute of limitations for personal injury claims?", they might need informative content on the said topic.

You want to be the one to give that information to them.

The result of giving them information is that they are brought to your law firm's website. This is an excellent opportunity for them to know you are, and maybe, they can be convinced to consider hiring you as their law firm of choice.

Running a legal blog is one of the most accessible forms of content marketing. By producing high-quality content that's valuable to the audience (by way of informing or engaging them), then you attract some attention and traffic to your law firm.

4. Try Social Media Marketing

Social media is one of the most accessible digital law firm marketing strategies. You only need to set up an account, some great content, and a sustainable strategy that allows you to adjust your tactics for lead generation.

Remember: Social media marketing isn't just about putting out whatever content you feel like. Your content needs to be high-quality for it to attract an audience. This is how you build a following and generate leads.

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5. Implement Email Marketing

So, how do you keep in contact with leads even after they leave your website and social media profiles? Email marketing is a great way to keep that connection going.

You can start with a tempting offer (i.e., a legal newsletter, law firm updates, and some exclusive content) people can sign up for. Then, when they do subscribe to your email lists, you get to send them content and updates, possibly a few CTAs that might push them to finally set up an appointment with your law firm.

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