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How To Plan Content For Your Legal Blog

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

6 Tips On Content Planning For Your Law Firm's Blog

The first rule of content marketing via legal blogging is to keep posting consistently. Of course, it needs to be high-quality, but you can't abandon your blog for months and expect improvements on your Lawyer SEO.

That said, here are a few tips to help you create an effective, long-term content plan.

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1. Decide On Your Goals

Setting goals and understanding how to measure them is the first step in any blog content plan. It's vital to remember that the benefits of blogging are frequently generated in the future rather than immediately.

A blog is often used to present your brand and raise awareness so that when a buyer is ready to buy, your company comes to mind first.

Make sure to consider how you'll track your progress as you create your objectives (we'll discuss this further later).

2. Choose Your Keywords Wisely

After you've identified your objectives, you'll need to do some keyword research and come up with possible blog topics.

Remember: Keywords are what your pages are found for. Therefore, your keywords need to have decent search traffic and are relevant to the content you're posting.

Since your content needs to match your keywords, doing research before writing your piece makes sure you're creating content users are looking for. But, on the other hand, you don't want to stuff your content with irrelevant keywords for the sake of ranking.

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3. Decide What Types Of Content To Make

After doing your research to choose keywords and themes, you'll need to pick what type of material to employ in this phase. Sprinkling a number of different content kinds within your blog might appeal to a wide range of visitors and keep them coming back for more.

Here are some examples of blog content to consider creating:

  • Short-form Blog Posts. When answering a very specific question, this can be very useful.

  • Long-form Blog Posts. Although there is no hard and fast rule, an in-depth article or guide often exceeds 2,000 words. This is a fantastic format for educational or how-to content.

  • Listicle. A blog that takes the form of a list, often with short descriptions. It can be a ranking list or a compilation of related legal tips and tricks.

4. Create A Content Calendar

A content calendar should show a timeframe for when you'll post your content. Your content calendar should also show who's working on what if you're working with a group.

A content calendar can be as complex or as basic as you need it to be, as long as it keeps you (or your team) organized. A calendar should be able to help you publish content on a regular basis.

Remember: Quality and relevancy of content are more important than quantity in Lawyer SEO. So, make sure to set reasonable deadlines to avoid rushing your content creation process.

5. Think About How You'll Promote Your Blog Posts

It's time to generate and publish your content now that you've planned it out.

Your work isn't finished once it's been published. You still need to spread the word about your new content. This can be done via email if you have a newsletter, social media, or advertising.

Remember: The more traffic a page gets, the better for your Lawyer SEO overall.

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6. Audit Your Content Plan

This final step is crucial, yet it is sometimes forgotten. After you've published and promoted your new blog content, take a look at the key performance metrics you chose when you first started developing your blog content.

This lets you see how well your content is working and progressing toward your objectives.

Here are a few factors you should consider looking at while auditing your content plan:

  • KPIs should be audited and reviewed. This could be done once a month or every three. Regardless of which method you use, reviewing findings on a regular basis can help you have a better understanding of what is and isn't performing over time.

  • Study whether or whether your objectives were met. Have you achieved your objective? If you succeed, then you should keep doing the same thing. If you didn't, what was it about the goal that you didn't achieve?

  • Making your content plan better. Which parts of your content plan need changing? What can you do to make your content plan better? How can you leverage existing performance data to reach out to more individuals and increase your impact?

    • Finding methods to improve is an important part of gauging achievements and can help you achieve actual success.

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