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How To Write "About Us" For Law Firms

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

5 Things You Can Include In Your About Us Page

When you're competing against other law firms, you need ways to differentiate yourself. Of course, the best way to do so would be to implement Lawyer SEO and create the best legal content—however, it's not the only option.

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Your law firm's About Us page is where users usually go to when they're beginning to consider hiring an attorney. Some might even venture to it just after reading one of your blogs. Regardless, your About Us page is where you can fully advertise your practice to site visitors.

Unlike your legal blog, there's no need to hold back on showing off. This is where you get to tell site visitors who you are, what you do, and how they can reach you.

Below are some ideas on what to put on your About Us page.

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1. Your Values

One way to make an impression is to show your company or law firm values. This is a great way to establish a brand, and one that makes your law firm memorable.

Decide on what your values and goals are. These should be qualities you have outside of earning money or finding clients.

For Example:

  • Your law firm specializes in class action lawsuits because you support and fight for the good of the public against large companies.

  • You handle Personal Injury laws, so people aren't cheated out by low insurance payouts.

  • You accept contingency lawyer fees to help those who might not have enough to afford legal services.

Presenting your values can appeal to the people who often seek your assistance. Are you a compassionate family law expert? And aggressive criminal defense lawyer?

2. Your History

A brief law firm history can be a charming addition to your About Us page. If there's some interesting tidbit about your law firm formation, mention it briefly.

For Example:

Perhaps you and your colleagues are a group of college friends who started a firm. You might have been a former federal prosecutor. You might have some other experience before passing the bar.

Law firm histories can provide insights into your current values, non-professional skills, and relatability.

3. Lawyer Directory

Lawyer directories aren't just lists of names. They can include individual achievements, area specialty, and previous case experiences.

Regardless of the number of lawyers in your firm, showing the highlights of your legal practice can add to your credibility. List awards, recognitions, notable verdicts, and crucial legal experience.

Remember: When people find you through your content, they might not know too much about you.

While you're building trust by writing guides and blogs about the law, listing tangible and measurable representations of your skill as an attorney can also help.

4. A List Of Past Successful Cases

When you're marketing your law firm as an expert in a few areas of law, you should list some of the successful cases you have handled.

As mentioned before, writing what you know about the law through your legal blog can build trust. However, it helps if you added a concrete list that proves your expertise.

Remember: Showing past cases you've worked on can double as proof of what you can offer clients who choose to hire you.

This can be especially helpful for smaller and newer firms that have yet to get awards and official recognitions but have built a decent track record of past cases.

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5. Your Own Images

Images themselves are a great way to make your site design interesting. They're also great for lawyer directories and law firm information pages.

You might want to upload photos of you, your colleagues, your office buildings, or pictures of you attending local events.

As mentioned, users who have found your website through the search results might not know who you are, so you have to win their trust as much as possible. Adding photos of you and your colleagues is one way to do so.

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