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4 Instagram Lead Generation Tips For Law Firms

Quick Tips On Using Instagram As A Lawyer Lead Generation Tool

Social media platforms like Instagram offer marketing opportunities for any business that takes the time to do it right. And yes, you can't post a photo and be done with it; you still need to have a sustainable Instagram marketing strategy for it to be beneficial for your Law Firm Marketing efforts.

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Below are 4 tips on how to use Instagram as a lead generation tool for your law firm:

1. Strategic Posting

If this is the first time you've considered marketing your firm on Instagram, you're probably wondering about the very specific details (i.e., how many times per day you should publish). The short answer is: There isn't a uniform solution.

However, your Instagram posts can still be considered content from your law firm. So, some Lawyer SEO and Content Marketing rules still apply, such as:

  • Have a consistent posting schedule

  • You still need to provide valuable content that's helpful or educational

  • Don't be strictly promotional

  • Optimize for keywords and hashtags

When it comes to how much you should post, you still need to follow the same SEO tip: quality over quantity. So if you need more time to make quality content, don't rush it.

Remember: While content with little to no value is easier and faster to make, it would attract as many people to them.

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2. Optimize Your Instagram Profile

Everything you write, from your bio to the descriptions and images on your social media posts, should entice people to follow your law firm's account, connect with your content, or respond to your calls to action (CTAs).

If you've read up on Lawyer SEO before, you know that visual appeal and accessibility are both important drivers of traffic and conversions. If your posts and bio are hard to read or your contact information is hard to find, it might frustrate users instead of enticing them.

Here are a few tips for optimizing your Instagram profile:

  • Write a brief but catchy bio

  • Make sure to link your website in your bio

  • Choose a good color scheme

  • Write keyword-optimized photo descriptions

  • Use CTAs to encourage conversions

People may take the time to look at your Instagram profile if they enjoy your bio or content. After all, those are the first things they see.

Use your Instagram bio to explain who you are, what you do, and how following you would benefit them.

Remember: Don't pass up this chance to show off your personality and voice. Emojis, humor, and language can all be used to give users a peek at who you really are.

3. Promote Your Website Or Blog

Don't forget to always link back to your website. Content Marketing can be employed in any platform, but one of your main goals is to get people on your domain and visit your landing pages. For example, you can drive visitors to specific landing pages or product pages by teasing blog content with a creative Instagram post.

Here's where you can add links to:

  • Individual Instagram Posts

  • Your account bio

  • "Swipe Up" links on Instagram stories

4. Audit Your Instagram Marketing Efforts

When it comes to marketing, some strategies might not always work. Sometimes, the Return On Investment (ROI) is simply not worth all the effort you put into a social media platform. Hence, you need to decide which Law Firm Marketing Strategies works for you—and which ones don't.

To determine if your Instagram Marketing strategy is indeed effective, you need to audit how your campaign is going. Instagram Insights and other third-party auditing tools can give you data on your overall performance on the platform.

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Your Instagram campaigns' ROI can be calculated by paying attention to the following:

  • Number of followers

  • Interactions

  • Clicks to your landing pages

  • Views on your Stories

  • Most and least popular posts

  • The types of content that are doing well

That said, if you still want to keep trying with Instagram, use the same data and determine which areas you're lacking so you'll know how to improve them. If certain types of content do better than others, make more of those than the ones that aren't doing so well.

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