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Do You Need A Law Firm Email Newsletter?

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Why E-Newsletters Are A Viable Lawyer SEO Strategy

Aside from legal blogs, offering content through email subscriptions is a viable content marketing strategy for law firms. Newsletters allow you to get in touch with potential clients long after they've left your site. Not to mention, those you've convinced to subscribe are most likely already interested or found value in the content you create and publish.

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What Are the Benefits of Law Firms Sending Email Newsletters?

Lawyers engage with various people, whether it's their clients, colleagues, coworkers, or potential clients. It's understandable for anyone not to recall every contact or meeting's name, face, and topic. However, connections are important for maintaining your law firm's marketing efforts and valuable networks.

An excellent way to maintain your connection is regularly sending them emails that keep you on everyone's mind. However, if you're just sending them empty greetings and blatant sales pitches, they might not have enough incentive to even open your emails.

So what do you do? You give them valuable, engaging, or interesting content.

Remember: Most people subscribed to your email lists and newsletters are already interested in your firm or content.

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A lot of your contacts might already be familiar with your work and legal services. Some of them might also be previous clients that would be pleased to work with you again.

There's a reason why a lot of businesses strive for even brand recognition. You have to stay relevant to your contacts, so they think about going to you or recommending your firm whenever they need help or are looking to address an immediate problem.

What Should Your Law Firm Newsletter Include?

When it comes to establishing an e-newsletter, many businesses, including law firms, face many challenges. Choosing what to include in your newsletter is the first thing you need to do.

Here's a couple you might want to consider writing:

1. Readable (But Valuable) Content

Of course, it should be content that your viewers will find helpful (i.e., legal advice, trivia, or general information they can put to use).

For Example:

A Family Law Attorney might write articles about planning for divorce, protecting your children during the process, recovering settlements, etc.

You can also include snippets or excerpts from a recent blog post, then link to the entire article on your website. You can add a "read more" to encourage readers to visit your site. This allows you to promote blogs you're already publishing and doubles as content in your email marketing strategy.

2. Contact Information

Although your e-newsletter isn't a direct advertisement, it will frequently result in new searches or recommendations. To help with this, make sure to include your contact information so that readers can easily reach you.

Remember: Make sure to maintain consistent NAPs (Name, Address, Phone Number) throughout your law firm's entire internet presence.

3. Talk About Your Practice Areas/Specialties

Your email newsletters are an excellent way to remind your contacts about your services. This is important for convincing those already considering hiring you and educating contacts who still think they don't need legal counsel.

4. A Brief Introduction Of Your Law Firm

After reading your newsletter, readers should have an idea of what they can expect from you. They should be able to grasp your branding, reputability, and skill.

For Example:

You can briefly mention recognitions and awards your law firm recently received.

Other Things You Can Write About:

Of course, legal newsletters will be unique depending on the law firm, target market, and marketing strategy. That's why there are several other ways to go about email newsletters, some of which are as follows:

  1. Data and case studies

  2. Volunteering, involvement, and sponsorships in the community

  3. Frequently Asked Legal Questions (FAQs)

  4. Legal news

  5. Current events

  6. Interesting articles from other websites

  7. New laws

  8. Changes with current laws

  9. Downloads, guides, and forms

When you think about it, there's a lot that your firm could put in a newsletter. It doesn't mean you have to include all of them, or even the majority of them.

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Make sure your newsletters keep readers engaged, interested, or amused. When people think about your practice, it's never a bad idea to link good sentiments with it.

Remember: Software tools and services packages for newsletter campaigns can vary. However, you can always do them on your own by compiling your email lists into Outlook and similar tools. Some law firms might even write and structure their newsletters as plain-text emails to keep them as simple as possible.

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