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Legal Marketing Services in Florida

Updated: May 31, 2022

Hire The Best Legal Marketing Agency For Law Firms in Florida

Getting new clients means staying visible amidst the mix of skilled lawyers in Florida. After all, the legal industry is a competitive market, so you need to stand out to consistently get new cases.

Fortunately, we now have access to digital marketing, thanks to technology. Unlike many offline marketing strategies like directory listings, TV ads, and flyers, digital marketing is more accessible for law firms of all sizes. In addition, millions of people use the internet for all kinds of reasons, so you're sure there's a viable audience when marketing is done right.

So, how can you do it? Here are a few key strategies we implement for lawyer marketing in Florida:

law firm marketing firms in florida

1. Build A Law Firm Website

Think of websites as calling cards. This is where you'll direct all attention and traffic from all your digital marketing efforts. Each blog post, social media post, content, and ad should lead potential clients to your website.

Remember: Your website will have all your law firm's information, including content, contact information, and landing pages; hence why everything you do for Lawyer SEO points back to your website.

2. Publish Great Content

Content is at the epicenter of Lawyer SEO. Therefore, every content you publish is a chance to rank in the SERPs, attract new audiences, and boost conversions.

One of the most common ways to produce content is through legal blogging. If you consistently research, write, and post high-quality content on your legal blog, you'll be able to generate traffic and attract new eyes to your website.

best marketing for law firms florida

3. Optimize Keywords

You want to rank for important keywords. This is how you keep your visibility and traffic going.

You want your pages to appear in high-traffic SERPs and rank well. Of course, you don't always have to go for highly competitive generic keywords. Still, you should be where your target audience is.

You can use a keyword tool to help you identify and sort through high-traffic keywords. Google Ads' Keyword Planner is a free but handy tool for finding strong competitive keywords if you're just getting started.

4. Implement Local SEO

Law businesses rely on local clients, so you should target long-tail keywords related to the state you're headquartered in.

For example, "Personal Injury Lawyer" competes with every single page of the same keywords around the globe, with a significant portion of that traffic coming from people who are unlikely to become clients. On the other hand, if you use keywords like "personal injury attorney florida" and "florida personal injury attorney," you'll get attention from potential clients who are much simpler to convert.

Keywords, in general, are highly competitive. Ranking high may be difficult if you're a small law firm or new to Lawyer SEO. Depending on your goal, selecting long-tail keywords is sometimes the more strategic choice.

best seo service for attorneys florida

5. Set Up Your Google My Business Profile

Part of implementing Local SEO is GMB management. Google shows people listings at the top of the search for "lawyers near me" and "lawyers in California." Many users will search for law firms solely based on this listing.

In practice, every business, firm, and office now has to have a listing. This enables visibility and other GMB features such as navigation and data entry. You're already behind the competition if you don't have one.

Talk To The Legal Marketing Experts for your Law Firms in Florida

LawyerLeadMachine provides the best SEO service for attorneys in Florida and other states. We assist lawyers in obtaining more clients through website optimization, local SEO, and content marketing for attorneys. We have Lawyer SEO professionals, skilled legal content writers, and powerful SEO tools to optimize automated, high-ranking, and lead-generating attorney marketing websites for law firms in Florida.

We will pay attention to your needs and provide professional legal marketing solutions that we believe would be most effective for your law firm in Florida. Give us a call right away so we can start to create a legal marketing plan for your law firm's website.


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