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Law Firm Marketing Trends To Keep Up With

Digital Marketing Trends Law Firms Should Try In 2021

Many of the classic Lawyer Marketing trends that we see have been in use for a long time, and they still work. However, time changes things—algorithm updates, new technology, and changes in how users interact with the internet have brought new digital marketing trends.

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Small and new law firms can benefit from boosting their visibility on local searches. Because Law firms most likely have physical locations (like a law firm office), getting local searchers to find you can boost your leads and give you more opportunities to convert them.

Remember: People who have a more immediate need for legal assistance most likely use keywords like "lawyers near me" or "Law Firms in my city". So make sure your pages are optimized to show up when they do.

While you're doing classic Lawyer SEO implementations, don't forget to make some of your pages more geared towards those using location-specific keywords.

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2. Well-Planned And Sustainable Content Marketing Strategies

Developing and implementing a solid content marketing plan is crucial to a law firm's online success. Sure, legal blogging combined with some Lawyer SEO is better than nothing.

However, content marketing as a strategy is most effective when you have a set system: including research methods, planned topic ideas, and posting schedules.

When you find a content marketing strategy you want to implement, set a workflow, identify your goals, do market research, stake out the competition to see what inspiration you can take from them. Bottom-line: you need to have a set strategy, not just try one out and see what sticks.

Remember: You should generate valuable content that attracts potential clients, and you should do it consistently.

3. Consider Semantic Search

Ever noticed that more and more keywords are starting to sound like questions? FAQs are becoming more important for this very reason. Writing FAQ pages has allowed anyone who practices Lawyer SEO to use keywords like "what is a personal injury" and "are there lawyers for employees" into their strategy.

Remember: Search engines always want to give searchers the most relevant results. In turn, they update their algorithms to easily understand what the users mean.

So focus your Lawyer SEO on people, not search engines. As a result, you should create straightforward content that is informative and valuable to your readers.

For Example:

Try taking these approaches whenever you update your pages or create new content:

  • Use more conversational language, like questions ("Can I sue My Boss?") or related terms ("lawyers for employees").

  • Try to write like you're explaining to a non-lawyer or non-expert of legal terminologies. After all, most times, your clients are looking for someone who knows more about the law than they do.

  • When you find a good keyword to optimize for, try analyzing it for user intent. Are they looking for information? Do they want to know what you'll do as a law firm? Are they looking to be convinced to hire a lawyer?

Rather than just looking for suitable keywords, concentrate on the topics of your blog and articles. Create content that establishes your authority and builds client trust, rather than making generic content that appeals to a broader audience.

4. A Client-First Approach

When conducting digital marketing for your law firm, you should always think about your potential clients. Unfortunately, sometimes we get caught up doing what's best for Lawyer SEO and forget what users and clients want.

Sure, it might be better for you to write blogs with less personality and a more clinical tone that appeals to a more general readership. However, you sometimes find yourself trying to force an unfitting title because the keyword (though grammatically incorrect) has a high search volume or ranking in the SERPs.

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Remember: You should be marketing your law firm to people, not search engines. So your content should be tailored to their needs instead of just Lawyer SEO.

You must provide value to your customers, not just a sales pitch. Look deeper, see their underlying needs, and strive to be the link that helps them overcome their problems. This is why law firms must identify their target audiences whenever they implement a new content marketing strategy.

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