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4 Lawyer LinkedIn Mistakes To Avoid

The Don'ts Of Law Firm Marketing On LinkedIn

Every social media platform has its quirks—so does LinkedIn. In general, what makes LinkedIn different from other platforms is that it's centered around careers, businesses, and professional profiles. However, it still has its networking aspect, so making sure your LinkedIn is well-optimized is the first step of an effective LinkedIn Marketing Strategy.

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LinkedIn is beneficial for every professional. And yes, some of these tips are great for general Lawyer SEO as they are with social media marketing.

Below are some of the most common LinkedIn mistakes lawyers and law firms should avoid:

1. You Don't Have A Profile Picture

It seems obvious, but a lot of lawyers do not bother to upload a profile picture. This is a serious error. Not only does it make your profile look incomplete, but it also makes you look suspicious. You don't want to give potential clients and colleagues any reason to disregard it entirely.

Remember: If an attorney has a profile photo, be sure it is suitable and professional. So choose a high-quality headshot that you would also use on your firm's website and lawyer directories.

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Here are a few tips on choosing your profile picture:

  • The photo doesn't have to be a 1x1 ID picture

  • You can use a posed half-body shot

  • Look welcoming but professional

Whether you like it or not, your photo is a part of your online identity. Clients want to see your face to know who they're hiring. You may treasure your privacy, but it does not mean you should be completely anonymous.

2. You're Writing Generic Headlines

Headlines are one of the most overlooked yet crucial components of a successful LinkedIn profile. Remember, it's called a headline for a reason: it catches people's attention.

Remember: When people are browsing through profiles, the first thing they'll see is your name and headline. But, of course, you'll have to compete with other attorneys as well, so make sure you stand out.

Using a generic headline like "attorney at law" will not distinguish you from other lawyers, and it may even prevent your profile from showing up in search results.

Speaking of search results, using appropriate Lawyer SEO keywords can help boost your profile's online visibility.

3. Not Customizing Your URL

Your LinkedIn profile reflects you and your legal practice, so make sure it's personalized to who you are and how you want to market yourself.

Here are a few tips on deciding your personalized LinkedIn URL:

  • The shorter, the better

  • It can be easily read

  • It should resemble your name or law firm's name

Adding a customized URL is a quick and easy approach to improve the look of your profile. This makes your URL easier to remember and might encourage direct traffic from people manually inputting it into their web browser.

Remember: A customized LinkedIn URL also looks good on business cards, email signatures, and physical flyers.

4. Writing Uninteresting Summaries

The "summary" of your LinkedIn profile should not be left blank or rushed. Your LinkedIn Summary is your chance to tell potential clients and partners who you are, what you can do, and how you can help them.

Although LinkedIn is a professional networking site, it doesn't mean you can't show off a little bit of yourself.

Write a summary that illustrates your professional experience thus far, how you've progressed in your career, and where you envision yourself in the future.

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Here are a few other things you can talk about:

  • Your firm or career beginnings

  • Most important accomplishments (i.e., awards, recognitions, most important verdicts)

  • Personal goals and philosophy

  • Unique experiences in the legal industry

So yes, your summary should represent your brand. The reason why you need Lawyer Marketing is that you need to stand out from the competition. After all, there are so many Personal Injury Lawyers out there, but why should the client choose you and your law firm?

The stories you have from your practice are the best way to express what sets you apart from the competitors. This can help you sound more relatable to clients or show off your personality through your writing.

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