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Legal Podcast: What You Need

Lawyer SEO-Friendly Tactics To Start Your Own Podcast

When you've read enough about Lawyer SEO and content marketing, you know that all kinds of content can provide significant ROI for your law firm—given, of course, that it's done right.

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Like any content used for Law Firm Marketing, podcasts should be:

  • Informative. Your podcast still needs to be valuable to your target audience. If not, they'll get disinterested or bored. Do some extensive research if you have to.

  • Organized. You don't want your podcast to be all over the place. Consider planning the episodes ahead.

  • Optimized. Despite primarily in audio formats, there are opportunities for you to still use keywords. So don't forget to do keyword research beforehand.

  • Promoted. You can just post your podcast and be done with it. Make sure it's seen and heard by as many people as possible.

With those in mind, let's go through the step-by-step of starting a podcast, editing, posting, and promoting it. Below is a checklist for creating your own Lawyer Podcast.

1. Choose Your Niche

Before diving into the realm of podcasting, law firms must first determine these two crucial factors:

  • What the topics are

  • Who the target audience is

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These factors will determine future topics, possible guests, and podcast delivery:

  • If your target audience comprises non-lawyers, you might want more general and digestible topics and delivery styles. Don't use too many technical terms and jargon around them and explain whenever you need to introduce a new legal concept.

  • If your audiences are law students and other lawyers, you should provide new and in-depth information, not just what they already know. You can feature legal news and offer your own perspective on the matter.

You can also focus on the areas of law your law firm handles. For example, if you market your firm as a Personal Injury Law Firm, then talk about specific news and litigation about accidents, medical malpractice, slip and falls, etc.

2. Obtaining the Required Equipment

Technically, you can start a podcast with just a microphone and a computer or laptop. However, you can also add headphones, a mic mount, and soundproofing if you want to. You can also build a set and use camera equipment to film the podcast (which you can upload to sites like YouTube).

Remember: Your podcasting equipment should be chosen based on the needs and budget of the company.

Podcasts also require a decent internet connection and audio or video editing programs. There are various podcasting tools and resources to choose from—and a lot of them are free.

3. Promotion

To make sure you get more people to listen to your podcast, you need to promote it. For example, your law firm should promote them on all your social media platforms and link them in your blogs.

Remember: You should also think about promoting your podcast before releasing the first episode, so your followers and site visitors can mark their calendars.

To avoid clogging your work schedule, try recording a few episodes before launch. This gives you some breathing room in case something comes up and you can't get to a recording session.

4. Uploading Your Podcast Episodes

While it's possible to upload your podcast to any hosting site, getting it on iTunes can help you reach a larger audience. iTunes also uses tags and keywords to match your episodes in their search results. In addition, when iTunes accepts a podcast, a few services that download RSS feeds will automatically start playing it.

Firms can also upload their podcasts on YouTube and Spotify, depending on which is most beneficial to your Lawyer Marketing strategy.

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To help you decide, you might want to implement a pop-up survey among your site visitors, newsletter subscribers, and social media followers. You can ask them about their podcasting preferences, including the sites and mediums they listen to.

Remember: You're the one who needs to decide the platform that will best reach your target audience. Listeners can listen to the podcast on their iPhones, iPads, Android phones, PCs, and other devices.

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A podcast is just another method for bringing attention to the firm's services. Thus, the firm can provide information in a way that is both effective and interesting.

Whichever law firm marketing strategies you use, you should do them systematically. Think you need help with that? You can view your options here.


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